50+ Trick Questions to Catch a Cheater: 1 Simple Way to Confirm

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No one wants to be cheated on. When your gut tells you something is off in your relationship, your mind races with suspicion. So, you start asking tricky questions to catch your partner in a lie. It’s time to get crafty and figure out if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is being unfaithful.

I will provide over 50 trick questions to ask a cheater, explain the telltale signs, and reveal an effective confirmation method.

Get ready to learn sneaky ways to confront a potential cheater!

Key Takeaways

  • Trick questions can reveal cheating but approach carefully
  • Look for changes in behavior and reactions as signs
  • Tech tricks allow secret monitoring if needed
  • Focus on open communication and rebuilding trust

Casual Questions

When suspicions first arise, start by mixing these innocent questions into normal conversation and gauge your partner’s response:

  • What do you think about me getting a new haircut? See if they seem excited by the idea of you changing your appearance.
  • How would you feel if I went on a weekend trip with some old friends? Look for signs of jealousy or possessiveness.
  • You’ve been talking about your coworker Jen a lot lately. Should I be jealous? Pay attention if they seem annoyed or go overboard convincing you Jen’s just a friend.
  • If you could have a hall pass, who would you want it to be with? A strong reaction could reveal cheating desires.
  • Have you heard from your ex lately? Their willingness to discuss an ex could show if they’re hiding communication.
  • You left your email open on my computer. I couldn’t help but notice a message from Sarah. What was that about? Even if you make up a name, their response to the “snooping” accusation could be telling.
  • If I gave you permission to date other people, would you want to? Their interest level in an open relationship scenario is worth noting.
  • Do you think someone can romantically love two people at the same time? Cheaters are more likely to think it’s possible.
  • Would you be okay if I posted cute photos of us on social media? Watch if they seem nervous about going public.
  • You’ve been texting a lot lately. Anything interesting going on? Non-cheaters will casually mention friends or work issues.
  • Have you made any new friends recently that I don’t know about? See if they freeze up trying to recall if they’ve mentioned anyone.
  • You smell different tonight. Are you wearing new cologne? Play naive if they smell like someone else.
  • Where do you see our relationship in 5 years? Pay attention if they avoid long-term commitment talk.
  • Is there anything you’ve always wanted to tell me but haven’t? Give them an opening to confess guilt.
  • Do I ever embarrass you in public? They may be ashamed to be seen with you if cheating.

Trick Questions

Serious Relationship Questions

Once you have some initial suspicions, have an open conversation about your relationship and ask these probing questions:

  • Have you ever felt tempted to cheat on me or come close to crossing a line? A cheater may reveal past “near misses”.
  • Do you think cheating is always wrong, or are there gray areas? Their moral stance could indicate intentions.
  • What do you think our relationship is missing? Dissatisfaction may push them to find fulfillment elsewhere.
  • If I’m doing something that bothers you, you would tell me, right? See if they redirect instead of criticizing your faults.
  • Do you think emotional affairs count as cheating? Minimizing emotional cheating could be a red flag.
  • Does it feel recently like we’ve been growing apart? Gauge if they claim to be unhappy in the relationship.
  • Have you ever felt stuck or trapped in our relationship? Cheaters often report feeling constrained pre-affair.
  • Are you fulfilled by our intimacy, or do you have any unmet needs? Dwindling sexual interest may indicate cheating.
  • Do you have any recurring thoughts or temptations you struggle with? They may confess inappropriate desires.
  • Is there anything in your past you regret not telling me about? Give them a chance to come clean.
  • Do I force too many of my opinions on you? A cheating partner may harbor resentment.
  • If you got caught cheating, do you think I would forgive you? Their theory on your forgiveness could sway their actions.
  • Have you confided more in a friend recently than me? Emotional connection with another is an affair risk.
  • What’s the longest you think someone can healthily go without sex in a relationship? A higher number suggests a lower drive.
  • Do you feel like you can tell me anything without judgment? Lack of safety could deter honesty.

Is Calling Another Girl Pretty Cheating

Direct Cheating Questions

If you’re ready to confront them, have an honest conversation and ask point-blank:

  • Are you currently cheating on me either emotionally or physically? Don’t let them brush off a direct question.
  • Have you ever had a one-night stand or affair while we’ve been together? A cheater may trickle the truth and admit to a past incident.
  • Do you have feelings for someone else? They may confess an emotional connection.
  • Are you interested in someone new, whether you’ve acted on it or not? Looking is still a betrayal.
  • Who have you texted most frequently in the past week? See if a suspicious name appears.
  • Is there someone else you wish you could be with right now? Fantasizing can signify the intention to cheat.
  • When you say you’re “working late”, are you really? Don’t let them hand wave consistently overtime.
  • Have you downloaded any dating apps? Secret apps are easily hidden on phones.
  • Are you getting enough intimacy at home? Dissatisfaction is an excuse for cheating.
  • Do I fulfill your emotional needs? Emotional connection elsewhere is cheating.
  • Do you look forward to seeing someone when we’re apart? Inappropriate excitement is a giveaway.
  • Are you happier when you’re not around me? Preferring to be apart hints at detachment.
  • Have you ever sent a flirty text to someone else? Even digital flirting crosses a line.
  • Are you hiding or deleting any messages or apps? Secretive tech habits expose cheating.
  • Will you let me see your phone right now? Refusal to hand it over immediately is suspicious.

Suspicion Testing Questions

If you already suspect cheating, test their response to these sneaky questions:

  • You said you were working late on Friday, but your boss mentioned you left early. What happened? See if their story changes when caught in a lie.
  • Where did you go during your lunch break today? Ask for specifics to compare against their credit card records.
  • Can you show me the new bikini photos your sister just texted you? Make up a fake scenario and see if they try to cover why they can’t.
  • I noticed you got a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. Who were you shopping for? See if they come clean or make up an excuse.
  • Your friend Mark mentioned you and Lauren really hit it off at the party last weekend. Tell me about her. Bring up a made-up crush and watch their reaction.
  • I saw you were at a hotel downtown last night based on your location. Why were you there? Let them fabricate reasons for their whereabouts.
  • Who has been texting you non-stop lately? Pressure them to admit to inappropriate communications.
  • Can I borrow your phone for a quick call? See if they hand it over freely or panic.
  • I found a lipstick stain on your shirt. How did it get there? Put them on the spot to explain incriminating evidence.
  • A woman named Megan keeps calling and asking for you. Who is she? Invent a suspicious caller and ask them to clarify.

questions to ask your cheating husband

Tech Tricks to Catch a Cheater

When trick questions fail to expose the truth, it may be time to get some high-tech help. Monitoring apps like mSpy allow you to secretly track your partner’s digital activities, revealing any cheating behavior.

Access Text and Chat Messages

One of the sneakiest signs of cheating is increased texting and use of messaging apps. mSpy lets you remotely access both sides of conversations on apps like SMS, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and more. You can see any suspicious messages without ever touching their phone.

Check Location History

mSpy uses GPS tracking to monitor your partner’s location throughout the day. You’ll get alerts any time they enter or leave pre-set areas. Catch them lying about being at work when they’re really somewhere else.

Monitor Web Browsing

Cheating partners often leave digital footprints like visits to dating sites. mSpy records web history and bookmarks. It will even send alerts if your partner searches suspicious keywords.

View Contacts and Call Logs

Notice your partner getting repeated calls from an unknown number? mSpy provides call logs showing all incoming and outgoing interactions. You can even see contact names and numbers.

Check Deleted Content

Cheaters try to cover their tracks by deleting messages and browsing history. But mSpy retrieves deleted content so you can see what they tried to hide, even after it’s removed.

Works Completely Invisibly

mSpy runs silently in the background without draining the battery quickly or slowing down their phone. They will have absolutely no idea it’s monitoring their every move.

With comprehensive yet invisible monitoring features, mSpy makes it easy to digitally catch a cheater. Don’t waste time playing guessing games when you could have evidence.

Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Even if your psychological tricks don’t expose cheating, your partner’s behavior can give them away. Here are some red flags that indicate infidelity:

1. Sudden Changes in Routine

Take notice if your partner starts coming home later without reason or having unexplained absences. These could be used to meet up with their affair partner.

2. Increased Secrecy

Does your partner now constantly keep their phone locked and hidden from view? This level of protectiveness over their device is common when someone has something to hide.

3. Less Interest in Intimacy

An abrupt lack of interest in sex or affection with you can signify that your partner is getting fulfilled elsewhere. Use your trick questions to ask if you are lacking intimacy.

4. Excessive Accusations of Cheating

Often cheaters project their guilt onto their spouse. Any baseless accusations that you are being unfaithful could mean they are the real cheater.

5. Dressing Differently

If your partner suddenly starts wearing sexier, fancier clothes with no explanation, they may be trying to impress someone new.

6. Showering Frequently

Lots of last-minute showering before going out could indicate your spouse is freshening up before meeting their affair partner.

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7. Unexplained Gifts

Expensive gifts you didn’t buy for your partner? They may be from a lover wanting to win your partner’s affection.

8. Increased Happiness

If your partner seems to be in an unusually good mood lately with no obvious reason, it could be the bliss that comes with new love. Beware of extreme highs and lows.

9. Guarded Phone or Computer

If your partner won’t let you casually look at their devices, it’s possible they are hiding messages or apps. Time to consider using monitoring software.

Stay alert for any out-of-the-ordinary behaviors in your partner. While not definitive proof, changes like these do warrant further investigation using the tools provided here. Trust your instincts.

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