*Harmonize Your Hormones

When was the last time you felt an inner harmony in how your body and mind were running?
The last time you felt refreshed and radiating?

Dear beautiful mom,

At some point along the way, I decided that I didn’t want to wait until half my life was over and the kids were grown before I felt a true sense of well being, vitality and energy again. I wanted true vitality while I was mothering and changing diapers, and brushing hair, and doing the laundry, and doing carpools, and chatting with the neighbor, and chasing after the dog.

So I set out to understand what was actually happening in my mind and body from the inside out–and that led me straight to the land of hormones.

And as it turns out, in this case, all roads really do lead to Rome. Almost every area of my whole-person well being was directly influenced by my hormonal health.

Hormones are the physical representation of what is happening on every inner level of our lives- our physical, emotional, and mental health.

  • If you’re experiencing difficult to manage moods, there’s an underlying hormonal issue going on.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulty sleeping well or waking up feeling refreshed, there’s an underlying hormonal issue there.
  • If you’re experiencing hard to lose weight or an ongoing sense of fatigue that coffee can’t wrangle anymore, there’s an underlying hormonal issue there.
Hormones represent and respond like a litmus test to what is happening underneath, in our inner landscape.

Once I started to see this simple but profound pattern, I began fine-tuning how I was caring for myself by understanding what moved the needle most powerfully toward hormonal balance and health. Then, I gathered all the strategies that worked the best and created this course.

For 5 weeks, we go straight in and tap into the amazing source of wisdom your body already has within you but is likely being clouded or confused because hormonally you are working against yourself.

See, the way hormonal health works is that your body was exquisitely designed to run smoothly, to work in harmony and to produce the proper balance of hormones necessary at any given time to correct any imbalance when it arises.

It stops doing its healing work naturally when something gets in its way. Often times it’s simply our lifestyle or our diet that over time begins to clog up the process internally. Many of us were told our whole lives that something is just “wrong” with us and how we work. But the truth is most of the time you can experience major improvements in your health and well being when you do simple practices that help your body work the way it was meant to.  Like broken down branches and fallen leaves in a creek, the water flow can’t keep running smoothly until the debris is cleared up a bit.

In this program, you are going to learn practical, concrete and realistic ways to restore and refresh your well being while regulating your hormonal systems–specifically by learning how to work with your body so it can get back to doing the amazing healing and life-giving work it was designed to be doing.

And when you are feeling calm, energized and happy…you can spend your time doing what you love, connected to those you love, accomplishing what you need to do.


In order to live life in a way that you most want:

  • You need to have energy.
  • You need to have the ability to think clearly and to focus.
  • You need to have the emotional capacity to give and connect to those you love.
  • You need to be productive.
  • You need to experience an inner calm and control.
  • You need to have a lightness of heart and joyful disposition.

There is no way we can have these things if our hormones are not working properly or are imbalanced.

Are you ready to reset your life?

Over 5 weeks you’ll learn skills, tools and strategies to nourish, balance and harmonize your hormonal systems through nutrition, mind-body work, herbal supports, self awareness, breath, self examination, thoughts, energetic work and behaviors.

But most of all, we will see how all of these tools and skills are now part of our lives. They are not relegated to weekends away or a couple hours when you can get coverage for the kids.

They will become part of the fabric of your days and self care will become life care.

The terrain we will cover

Week 1: Our Inner Landscape and Wisdom

The Sex Hormones
  • What is the “connective tissue” between your body, mind, heart and energy?
  • Understand the power of hormones in our energy levels, moods, emotions, focus and weight
  • Learn the essential feminine roles of estrogen and progesterone and how to identify an imbalance
  • Discover the social and emotional nature of your cyclical flow
  • Identify key nutrients and foods that support a women’s healthy, vital cycle
  • Explore the core issues around relieving PMS and entering menopause with health and vitality

Week 2: Stress Resiliency and The Language of Feelings

Adrenal Health
  • Understand the connection between stress, fatigue and adrenal burnout…and how to tell if you are at risk
  • Learn herbal and natural supports as well as targeted nutrition to rebuild and restore a fatigued adrenal system
  • Learn powerful tools, exercises and skills to train and direct your thoughts to support your well being
  • Explore specific areas of body work and integrative breath work to reset and regulate your nervous system
  • Learn the language of your feelings and tap into their core wisdom

Week 3: Energy, Expression and Growth

Thyroid and Thymus
  • Learn the core roles of the thyroid gland and how to nourish and repair thyroid gland dysfunction
  • Utilize the power of energy medicine to repair a leaky energy vessel
  • Explore the core job of the thymus and the corresponding spirit-level role of this gland
  • Tap into your primary needs for creativity, expression and intellectual stimulation to generate your life force energy
  • Gain skills in deeper self awareness and personal growth that uncover where your personal growth edge is right now

Week 4: Metabolism, Ideal Weight and Satiation

  • Explore the powerful connections between your metabolism, brain chemistry and ability to maintain and achieve your ideal weight
  • Learn the nutrition power principles that are essential for a well nourished, high functioning metabolism
  • Dismantle the role emotions play in food and weight issues from a grace-filled, self-loving approach
  • Connect the role of stress, sugar cravings, metabolism, energy and hard to lose weight, and learn powerful strategies to break the negative patterns and cycles

Week 5: Mood, Rest and Play

  • Learn about the HPA axis and the central role the pituitary gland plays
  • Explore calming triggers that work instantly to shift you into a calm response
  • Discover strategies that promote happy, upbeat moods through encouraging positive brain chemistry
  • Understand the wisdom of the pineal gland and your personal need for rest and play
  • Achieve a greater sense of freedom and time through the selective and specific use of order, organization and structure.

BONUS Guest Expert Interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Included in this course are 2 recorded interviews with Dr. Sara Gottfried where she shares her wisdom and personal attention on our most pressing questions and concerns.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD is a Harvard-trained, board-certified integrative gynecologist and yoga teacher.  Author of the NY Times bestseller, The Hormone Cure (Scribner/Simon & Schuster), she has practiced “evidence-based integration” of ancient healing methods with cutting-edge women’s health for 22 years. Her specialty is in bioidentical hormones + botanicals.

How will your life change?

What can you expect to change in your life when you begin to regulate and balance your hormones through deep restorative nutrition and self care that becomes part of your everyday life?

  • Your moods will be more balanced, upbeat and in control. (Goodbye rollercoaster!)
  • Your days will feel happier and smoother (No more upstream swimming!)
  • Your responses are calmer and kinder (Eliminate the Code Red reactions!)
  • You have more clarity of thought and easier focus (Ciao, brain fog and frazzle!)
  • You have restored energy and vitality (Wake up refreshed. Manage, protect and utilize energy in a whole new way!)
Deeply restorative self care practices which regulate and harmonize your inner hormonal balance.

Harmonize Your Hormones will take you step by step through an exploration of how to understand, align and balance your hormones through whole-person self care and nutrition.

About Lisa

Hi. I’m Lisa Byrne. I’m a teacher, speaker, mentor, author and most importantly … a wife and mom.

Before becoming a certified holistic health coach, I earned a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition and Metabolism and a Master’s degree in Public Health. I’ve always been fascinated with the wonders and workings of our bodies, and find that a holistic approach to health puts together the modern science and traditional wisdom of ancient cultures in a way that makes the most difference in people’s health.

But most of all, I’m probably a lot like you. A busy mom who is doing her best to raise and love her children, partner with my husband, manage a household, balance work and keep it all together.

As a health coach, I learned how to keep our minds, emotions and bodies healthy. But the experience of mothering challenged me to translate those things into practical, concrete strategies that work in this lifestyle. I had to test those strategies to find what worked for me so I could build a robust plan for keeping myself healthy.

Once that shift started happening in my life, everything changed — the way I look forward to my day, the patience I have with my kids, my ability to keep on top of a hectic schedule, the ways I use food and how I feed my family. It all started to just become smoother. More enjoyable.

After having my second (and then third) child, I took some time off of individual counseling, but I knew I needed to reach out and create a way to bring this process to other moms. So I began to offer online group courses and the experience has been way more than I could ever have expected. The way women come together, support each other, grow, change, make major breakthroughs –it’s an awesome experience!

How the course is delivered

After you enroll and your homestudy begins (starting next Monday), you will be guided with emails throughout the 5 weeks to direct you through the whole course. You also have access to all the materials if you would prefer to work at your own speed. This program is created with maximum flexibility to fit your life and your needs.

1.  Light-bulb Teaching Modules

Why do I call them “Light-bulb” teaching modules? Because I created them to be streamlined and get straight to the heart of the matter so you feel like a light-bulb just went off and find yourself thinking things like…

“I feel that exact way right before my period every single month, and I never understood why or what I could do about it.”

“I had no idea that food was connected directly to increased anxiety, but now that I think about it, every time I eat it, my anxiety gets worse.”

“I’ve tried every diet out there and nothing budges the scale. I can’t believe I never learned this about how my metabolism actually works.”

  • Each week there will be between 2-4 Light-bulb teaching modules. These can be viewed either through video on the computer or your mobile device, or by listening to the MP3 audio recording.  They are generally 15-20 minutes in length for a total of 17 videos in all.
  • Each Light-bulb teaching module will be fully transcribed if you’d prefer to read your information rather than listen to it.
  • Each Light-bulb teaching module has an accompanying Quick Points Summary for easy review and retrieval of key points and tools learned.

2.  Life Work Materials

  • Each module has workbooks with action exercises which correspond to that module’s material

3.  Audio Q+As

  • You can listen to recorded Q+A calls with Lisa where she answers participants’ most pressing questions from previous classes.

4.  Community and Support

  • Access to the Harmonize Your Hormones private Facebook group where you can discuss what you are learning, get answers to your questions and engage in a loving, supportive and encouraging community of women and mothers.

Investment and Guarantee

This course will be a true and lasting investment in yourself and in your family. A healthy, vibrant, centered, calm and joyful mother is a gift not only to herself but to those she loves.

Harmonize Your Hormones Course

  • 17 Light-bulb Teaching Videos

    Viewable on your computer or mobile device

  • 15 Audio Class downloads

    Audios of the weekly videos are also available as MP3 files

  • 15 Transcriptions of the teaching videos
  • 5 Life Work downloads full of materials, resources, recipes and worksheets

    Downloadable to your computer, print-ready

Cost: $299

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Credit Cards

  • You will have the option to choose a payment plan that works for you during the enrollment process. 1-pay and 3-pay options are available.

My Risk Free Guarantee
I completely believe in the value I am offering through Harmonize Your Hormones and I also deeply want you to experience the transformation that is available to you through learning and applying these principles, tools and strategies so … I am taking all the risk in your decision to enroll.

If you are not absolutely happy with this course, and feel I did not deliver exceptional quality, then you can request a full 100% refund within the first 15 days after the course begins.

The risk is all mine, leaving you with so much to gain.

What women say about this course

I am LOVING everything, Lisa! I can tell I’m about to get answers I’ve been searching and searching for. This is an answer to my prayers. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I started crying when I read through the slides. I could see so many things I’ve been drawn to and trying to understand…all right there right in front of me…in one place. I felt relief and support. Thank you for your work, Lisa. It means so much to all of us lost, disconnected women. You’re gathering us all together and helping us find our way back to each other and ourselves…that sacred sorority.  ~ Jenny

I am really getting a lot out of this course. I am learning so much about how my body works and how best to support and assist it as it performs all of it’s amazing functions. As always, I love the format of the course. I like how it is broken down into modules so you can work on them one at a time. It keeps things from feeling too overwhelming. For example, I am still working on Week 3’s modules–my son had to go into the hospital for two days last week for some testing so I was unable to work on the course for a few days–but I don’t feel like “oh, no, I am so behind”. You have a way of gifting us with so much information, yet making it all manageable. I thank you for that! I also like how you encourage us to take it slowly and make small changes over time. I never feel like “oh, I should be doing this, this, this and this and I have to start doing them ALL RIGHT NOW.” Thanks to your guidance and encouragement I know it is okay, and even beneficial, to make one change at a time. That each change will move me in the right direction toward wellness. You have made me aware that wellness is an ongoing, lifelong process. I am very grateful for all the knowledge, guidance and encouragement you have given me through this course, through the past courses I have taken, and through the membership site. Thank you so much! ~ Donna

It really was life changing in a lot of ways. This course educated me, and gave me tools to live a better life.
The value really is immeasurable. I gained knowledge into the whys and the hows of hormone imbalances, so as to make necessary changes and make better informed decisions regarding treatment of these imbalances. I especially like the tools I now have to make improvements on my own. ~ Harmonize Your Hormones graduate

Wonderful and enlightening. It was good to learn the “why” behind a lot of things that I had heard about but never really understood. Loved the practical things about eating, breathing, energy medicine, breath exercises.
Completely satisfied – each week was thorough enough for my needs. ~ Harmonize Your Hormones graduate

Final message from Lisa

I understand every mom needs to make the right decisions with their time and money. I’m certainly not interested in talking you into a hard sell. But I know that when we invest in ourselves, when we align what we really value with how we spend our time and money- amazing things start to happen. In short, our lives begin to sail in the direction we most truly want to be going- and the gift of a whole, healthy, happy mother is invaluable to a family’s wellness. I would love to support you in that journey. I hope to see you “in class.”

Harmonize Your Hormones Course

  • 17 Light-bulb Teaching Videos

    Viewable on your computer or mobile device

  • 15 Audio Class downloads

    Audios of the weekly videos are also available as MP3 files

  • 15 Transcriptions of the teaching videos
  • 5 Life Work downloads full of materials, resources, recipes and worksheets

    Downloadable to your computer, print-ready

Cost: $299

Buy Now

Credit Cards

  • You will have the option to choose a payment plan that works for you during the enrollment process. 1-pay and 3-pay options are available.