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What moms say about the free resources I send out:

“I just finished working on your Break the Sugar Habit workbook and wanted to thank you for putting it together and distributing it freely! I hesitate to buy things that sound good, as too often I already know what’s in it, or it just isn’t worth the asking price and I feel cheated. Having read it and worked thru the action pages, I can say it is worth charging for.” ~Kelly

“This morning I listened to your game changers webinar. Thank you so much for this. I feel like you talked about the key piece that I have been missing. Now, I understand much better the concept of caring for self. I feel like I need to listen to the webinar many more times so I can really internalize it. Hope you have a great day. You’ve really helped mine.” ~Martha

“I just wanted to say I LOVE THE WORK YOU’RE DOING!!! I’ve been watching/listening to your interview clips and it’s been really helpful as I navigate being a stay at home and self-employed mom. I started drinking warm lemon water every morning after receiving your email about it and I can’t tell you how well I feel for it. It was my only new year’s resolution but being able to adhere to that has made me realise I can make other little changes that my body will no doubt thank me for later.” ~Betsy

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion so freely! You have really found your life’s calling- I am looking forward to the next video!” ~ Kristin

“Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the info you shared this morning — so much good stuff. It’s wonderful to walk away from a webinar feeling like I have new tools to use to care for myself RIGHT NOW. Awesome!” ~Val

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