Almost like clockwork, a week or two after the sugar-soaked Halloween stretch, I get an incredible urge to purge and cleanse … does that happen to you, too?

I start going through closets, organizing cabinets, sipping on detox tea, and eating crazy amounts of garlic and greens. For me it’s a regular pattern once the Fall settles in and the hectic winter holiday stretch begins:

This ping-pong between indulging on high sugar foods and over-stuffed schedules… to a bottoming out and frantic attempt at bringing myself back to center by clearing everything off my plate.

This year, I’ve been thinking about that pattern and what’s underneath it all.

Because what I really want to experience in the next couple months is a deeper connection to my family and a deeper connection with my spirit.

And while I know caring for my body and my home and my schedule are important parts of that bigger picture…what often gets left behind is caring for my heart.

And making space in my heart for more meaning, more light, more joy.

So this year, I wanted to create a new offering for this community. I call it the Gratitude Cleanse: 7 Days of Quiet for the Soul.

For 7 days leading up to Thanksgiving (we begin November 20th) …  I’ll be sharing a short guided meditation (10 minutes) helping us reflect and open up to deeper levels of gratitude in our hearts. It’s a no-cost offering, full of love and possibility.

Fall is a natural time of preparation and transition.  Intuitively, we are meant to prepare ourselves for the winter months ahead.

I want to experience these coming months in an intentional way – not by the standard default of feeling rushed and stressed.

I’m hoping this time committed to anchored quiet will make way for more presence, meaning and joy to take root, and I’d love for you to join me.

If this speaks to you- click through to sign up.

Sending you much love,

p.s. This is a no-cost offering, but I only want to send you the guided meditations if you want them- so please sign up so I know you are ready to circle for this upcoming week together!

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