We’re talking boundaries, today. 

I know how huge a topic this is…but I wanted to share a little theory I’ve been playing with lately around how I better understand myself and others. Specifically, in how we to figure out other people’s boundaries in the world.

I was reflecting on why with some of my relationships- clients, friends, family members- there’s never been an issue around healthy boundaries- they’ve simply always been intuitively honored between us.

Whereas with other relationships (even though I trust they are well-meaning,) I experience a fairly consistent “testing” of my boundaries and I feel the need to “protect” my boundaries more often.

My theory is that there are two kinds of ways we figure out boundaries in the world- and depending on which type you are your experience with others varies greatly.

I made a quick video sharing these 2 types of people

I would love to hear your thoughts about which one you believe you are and whether this distinction sheds any light on relationships that feel more challenging to you in your life. Let me know in the comments below :)

Here’s to more ease and grace all around,



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