Mugs for Mamas
Here’s the the plan:

1. You buy a gorgeous, hand-thrown Replenish mug for yourself!

2. Proceeds from your purchase go toward buying a mug for another mom!

3. I package your mug and send one to you…and then I package the other mug (paid through your purchase) in a small gift package and deliver it to a mama who is going through a challenging time right now.

4. We ALL win and get to fill our cups with love.

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$30 plus tax + shipping


Here’s the backstory:

I originally ordered these beautiful hand-thrown mugs (from family-owned Deneen Pottery) to be made as a gift to the women in my Certification Program…but when it came time to order them, something made me place a much larger order than I needed.

Then, with this big shipment of mugs coming my way, I began to have a vision.

It’s a giving back, loving-forward project called Mugs for Mamas.

Lisa with mug

Here’s the gist.

I take a care package lovingly put together with one of these hand-thrown beautifully made Replenish mugs, some calming organic tea bags, my book, some dark chocolate and a note written from my heart.

I wrap it up in with a big bow…and then I go knocking on doors to NICUs
and Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Medical wings and Special Needs support groups…

where I find mamas who could use a little light and lovin’ right now in their lives.

And even though this silly little package with a silly little mug won’t actually change any of the heart-breakingly challenging things these moms are going through- it gets given to that mom with a big hug…

because I can’t shake this thing where I believe with all my heart that small things done with great love really really really do matter.

And maybe this small thing will be the one thing that day for a mom who really needed some care.

And maybe it will help that mom feel seen and witnessed on her journey.

Maybe it will help that mom feel cared for and remind her that her own
well-being matters fact it matters a lot – a small reminder to fill her own cup too…

that even small moments of self care can help us hold up for the journey we’re on.

That’s my intention. And the vision has absolutely taken over me.

And so …that’s where YOU come in.

Because the truth is, that message is what I want for all of us. It has been the defining heart and mission of WellGrounded Life all along.

And if I know anything about a group of big-hearted moms coming together to love each other up…I know we have the strength to move mountains together.

So I wanted to ask if you would be a part of this ripple effect?

For a LIMITED time (meaning ONE WEEK ONLY) you can buy a mug FOR YOURSELF!!

And the proceeds from every sale of the mug will directly go to purchasing one of the Mugs for Mamas gift packages.

So you get to bless yourself with a beautiful reminder to take great care of the greatest gift you have (yourself) and you get to know when you hold this mug in your hand, there is another mama out there who is also holding a mug (because of YOU) and it is blessing their day.

Mug closeup


Buy Now$30 plus tax + shipping


Got questions?

Q: Why can we only buy for a week, Lisa?

Mainly because I need to honor my own bandwidth right now.

I can only make this an option in “flash sale” form because I’m simply not set up for ongoing product sales.

I have to get all the orders in at once – get the whole order placed with Deneen Pottery and once I get the large shipment of mugs in I’ll work “crazy-focused-batch-style” on packaging and sending them out. I need to make this one BIG trip to the post office vs many small trips every week.

Remember, I still have a whole beautiful group of mamas I’m teaching and training that need my love and focus :)

Q: When will I get my mug?

That depends on how fast you order one ;-)

I have 60 mugs right now ready to send out immediately…If we get orders beyond that number I’ll place an order immediately with Deneen Pottery to fire up the kilns and make more mugs. In that case, those mugs will be sent out mid-April in time for a Mother’s Day arrival.

So, bottom line- if you want your mug first- buy now!!

So, what do you think?

Ready to buy a mug?!!

Buy Now

$30 plus tax + shipping

Cart open only until March 2

Mug close up

I believe so strongly in the power of love…and in the power of community. I’d love you to be part of this.

Can’t wait to make some major ripples of love with you,


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