It’s February and from my little spot in the world (on the Northern hemisphere) we’ve already had a few solid months of WINTER under our belts.

Personally, winter isn’t my favorite season. I already find myself itchin’ for spring when I can enjoy longer days, warmer weather and green landscapes returning.

But one thing I know is that every season has it’s gifts…and every season also has it’s own wisdom in the grand cycle of wellness.

Winter is a time when it’s especially good to nourish our kidneys and adrenal glands.

The kidneys filter our blood to balance the body’s acidity levels and help maintain proper electrolyte balance.

The adrenal glands respond to the stress and pressures of our daily lives by producing adrenaline and cortisol ~ two potent chemicals that can do damage in our system in overstimulated.

So I put together a short guide: 5 Foods to Cleanse and Nourish During the Winter Months for you.

Now you may immediately think, Winter Cleanse? Why would I “cleanse” in the winter?

Here’s the thing about cleansing: it should be an ongoing thing.

Food is meant to cleanse and nourish us all year long, monthly, weekly, daily. While it can be hugely beneficial to have short term focused cleansing stretches, it’s also really important to consider how to weave cleansing foods into your everyday diet.

And every season has it’s own best types of foods that naturally cleanse and nourish.

When you download this guide, you can certainly use it in any way that serves you- but one simple way is to look over the foods and consider how you could bring more of these into your days.

Perhaps you add a nourishing soup to begin your dinner, maybe you sip on hot water with lemon or ginger, could you swap out one your typical meals for one that emphasizes dark leafy greens?

Remember it is the small acts of care we do consistently that make more of a difference in the long run.

Here’s the link again for the guide…I hope you enjoy it!

Stay warm,

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