Season 1 of the WellGrounded Life Show (an iTunes podcast) is the full audio version of my book, Replenish: Experience Radiant Calm and True Vitality in Your Everyday Life…read by me! (Yours free!) All audio links are below…

ripplereplenishI’d also love to invite you to sign up for my Replenish Kit which includes a 7 Days to Calm video series, Full Tank Formula webinar and 35 Questions for Reflection book discussion guide.

Replenish Kit

1:1 Replenish Introduction and Chapter One :: Paradoxes of Motherhood

1:2 Replenish Chapter Two :: Calm Mind

1:3 Replenish Chapter Three :: Sovereign Thoughts

1:4 Replenish Chapter Four :: Nourished Body

1:5 Replenish Chapter Five :: Restorative Rest

1:6 Replenish Chapter Six :: Joyful Movement

1:7 Replenish Chapter Seven :: Anchored Quiet

1:8 Replenish Chapter Eight :: Authentic Connections

1:9 Replenish Chapter Nine :: Sacred Schedules and Epilogue

Gratitude Cleanse: 7 Days of Quiet for the Soul

Almost like clockwork, a week or two after the sugar-soaked Halloween stretch, I get an incredible urge to purge and cleanse … does that happen to you, too? I start going through closets, organizing cabinets, sipping on detox tea, and eating crazy amounts of garlic and greens. For me it’s a regular pattern once the […]

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Creativity in a Busy Life- 3 Part Video Series

Oh how exactly do we keep our creative selves alive between the loads of laundry, the dinner prep, the schedule-on-steroids that dictate our days, the work, and the homework? And how can we ever really care for ourselves if we feel disconnected to who we are now in this season of our lives? These are […]

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Don’t fake the answer to this question…

I have three kiddos all fairly close in age (7, 6, and 4 yrs old). Recently, my youngest, Brian, has started to “copy” everything my oldest, Jackson, wants. For example, before he says what flavor ice-cream he wants, he has to know what Jackson has ordered. Before he asks for a crayon, he checks what […]

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Replenish Read Along is Here!

Just a little over a year ago, my first book, Replenish, was published and born into the world. And it felt like as soon as I announced it’s arrival, I began to get requests. Specifically, requests for me to read it and record an audio version. In all honesty it seemed like the most obvious […]

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