Just a little over a year ago, my first book, Replenish,
was published and born into the world.

And it felt like as soon as I announced it’s arrival,
I began to get requests.

Specifically, requests for me to read it and record an audio version.

In all honesty it seemed like the most obvious thing, really…
because as busy moms many of us don’t have the time to
read all the books we want to read.

And wouldn’t it be so lovely to have someone else
read to us once in a while?

And wouldn’t it be so healing to have someone
read words that spoke to the experiences we were going through,

words that spoke to how to care for ourselves while
we spent our lives caring for others,

words that were laced with tenderness and grace for the beautiful,
messy, hard, amazing thing it is to live, love and mother in this world?

So over the past year, I had a little seed in my heart to
record the book on audio and have that available to the mamas who
most wanted it.

And today I get to share it with you!

It’s HERE! The Replenish Read-Along is happening NOW.

The first three chapters are already available to download and I’ll be
releasing new chapters weekly until we finish the book together.

The full audio book of Replenish will be released as the first season of
The WellGrounded Life podcast…. (for free!)

and after we read through Replenish together, we’ll continue on
with new seasons of episodes exploring how we, as modern women
can navigate motherhood and pursue their passions
while maintaining our well-being and vitality.

This podcast will be for women who are building businesses,
raising families,
growing marriages,
maintaining friendships,
contributing gifts to the world..

and all the while living and designing their extraordinary lives
on their own terms.

So here’s what you need to know to plug in:

1. Hop over to iTunes to subscribe to the podcast.

2. Click over to The WellGrounded Life Show’s webpage and be sure to download the Replenish Kit I put together as we read through the book. This includes the 7 Days to Calm video series and the Replenish Discussion/Reflection Question Guide.

3. If you like it, please take a moment to rate the show and leave a review. This means a whole lot to me because the more ratings/reviews, the more iTunes will promote the WGL podcast…and the more mamas we will be able to reach with these tools and encouragement!

As I release new chapters, I’ll send a little note to let you know :)

Hope you enjoy it!

With loads of gratitude and love,

P.S. Remember to click over to begin listening to Replenish and subscribe in iTunes for new episode updates!  

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