Year of Self Care Giveaway!


My dear friend and brilliant colleague, Renee Trudeau, is giving away a Year of Self Care! Woo hoo!

Here’s the lowdown.

A beautiful mama in the WellGrounded Life community will win the Self Renewal Package which includes a copy of the beautifully illustrated, award winning books The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life or Nurture the Soul of Your Family from nationally recognized life balance expert, Renee Peterson Trudeau AND the Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal Online Telecourse (a $125 total value) from Renee and Hopeful World Publishing.

All you have to do is leave a comment below to enter :: Let us know what self care means to you (or just say “hi”) either way you are entered with a comment!

I’ll choose the winner at random on Friday, May 9 at 12:00pm EST.

Plus…the super-cool part is that the winner of my giveaway will be entered for a chance to win a Year of Self Care package worth over $2700 including a full retreat at Omega Institute with Renee and year long self care supports- I means tons of amazing supports like:

Total value: $2700+

Good stuff, mamas.

Head down now to comment and enter the giveaway!

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Kate Tucker

Oh, I love Renee. I first heard her wisdom through your lovely interview series. Self care…self care is essential. Thank you for sharing!

Marty Larson

Self-care starts with recognizing that taking time to feed yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually allows for you to be more “you”, and then more able to care for those around you.

Rebecca R

Self care had become an essential to me recently! After years of not thinking it important enough i am now finally seeing how vital it really is!

Crystal Prejean

What an amazing give away!! I always need to remind myself to STOP and take care of myself. .. Not just in this busy season of life. .. But everyday! Would love to check out Renee’s book and class!! :)


Self-care to me means being honest and humble. And brave.


Wow, the idea of the gift of the grand prize sounds amazing! So excited for whatever mama the universe brings that opportunity to!


Since our foster daughter entered our home I have totally neglected self-care. And I can feel the lack of it. Would love to win.


Self care is a way to be more ‘me’ and being able to be wholeheartedly here for my kids. this would be life changing :)

Lavena Fisette

What a blessing this giveaway will be to a mom!


Oh yes, selfcare! It has so much aspects, some I am good at others not (borders, I tell you *eyeroll*) I decided that self-care must get a higher prio again right now, starting today. woohooo.


Yey for self-care and giveaways. Thanks.


It’s something I’ve been neglecting. Having recently suffered a very deep loss, self-care is scary because all the feelings become overwhelming again. I can’t take care of my kids when I’m that overwhelmed. This package sounds like something that could bring some balance.


Self Care: Such a hard concept to grasp for women!! Self Care, Ladies, is not Selfish! It is taking care of body, soul and spirit so we are at the “top of our game” ~ able to balance all the many responsibilities granted us as family managers, income generators, care-givers in so many regards! Self Care is VITAL for Health ~ ours and others whom we love! Self Care is Self Love, a commandment ~ Love others as you love yourself!


Self-care is something I neglect too often.


As we plan baby #2, this would be useful!

Tina M

Great giveaway!


Here’s hoping!

Tiffany K

I’m just beginning the journey of self-care, having heard the term for the first time about a year ago. Still figuring out what this looks like for me. Sometimes it means a nap or a coffee or a few minutes of quiet. I certainly begin to feel the strain when I skimp on quiet times spent in prayer and scripture reading.

Theresa Stoneback

I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

Eloise Wagner

After moving across the country recently to help raise my two-year-old grandson, I feel like I don’t have time for self-care. I’m lucky to find time to take a shower! Really need to find balance here.

Marci G

self care is the only way I have found to keep sane during this busy season of raising 7 children. Great giveaway!!

Aussie Mum

I’m a mum of three boys aged 7,5 and 3. I wish I had know about this resource before I started my parenting journey! Thanks for sharing. I’m working on my self-care but it is a work in progress.

Kirsten R.

What a fabulous giveaway! Yes to a year of self care!!!!


Self care is something I feel I am constantly learning how to manage and add into my life as a single mom.


The book and course sound amazing. Thank you Lisa for offering us this chance.


I am always focused on caring for my family, my Dr told me too make time to care for myself – I’m slowly learning what that means.


What an incredible package! I honestly haven’t figured out what self care means for me since I became a mom. I used to have outlets in art and exercise and grad school that fed my soul. But I haven’t been able to add them back in such a way (or at all) that my soul ever feels more than temporarily bandaged. It’s hard.


I’m the mother of four- the oldest is eight, and this resource sounds fabulous.

kelly p.

Love your passion, Lisa! Thanks from a mom in need of a little self-renewal. :)


I’m looking forward to learning more. Sometimes we KNOW something about this but we just need to hear it or read it and be reminded by someone else that we need to take care of ourselves to make the biggest impact on others & ourselves.

Erika Ellis

I have been learning so much about self care! For me, the biggest thing is staying calm. If I’m calm, everything else is easier to do!

Shelley P

Would love a year of self care!

Shea Bogle

Self care is very important, for me that is more rest!

Shannon H

I need a year of self care! :)

Heather Croft

This package would be amazing to win!


Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! I am definitely going to check out this book! To me self care is carving space in your schedule to feed yourself the soulfood needed to replenish your whole being so that you are better able to give to those around you.

Mama Tango

I don’t know what self-care is. I used to think it was eating right, exercising, taking time to myself on a regular basis, and spending quality time with God. Either those things aren’t right, or my heart’s not in it because I’m still feeling…lost.

Tracy Fisher

Hi! Self-care means while you are putting others before yourself, you still take a few moments out of the day to slow down and regroup-spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally so that you’ll be able to give more later.


Self care is a necessity but so often on the bottom of the to-do list, where does a mom start to reclaim herself?


Thank you for this offer!


Thanks for all your work thru Well Grounded Life, Lisa. You have such an amazing gift for sharing knowledge & wisdom about health & self-care and I am so much more whole because of your work.


It is so hard to remember that I am a better mother when I take some time for taking care of myself. Would love to receive this package! Thanks for the opportunity


I’ve tried practicing self care, but since the birth of my daughter it’s been hard to handle. I’ve recently cut 22 inches off of my hair, just so it will be easy to deal with- I believe all of these mommas could use this!


Hi, as a homeschooling mother of five children, I try to get as much sleep as I can! I lay down in the afternoon for an hour, and I get to bed by 10pm every night!


This sounds like a truly amazing giveaway, and something most of us could really use.

For me, self-care means (trying) to get enough sleep, remembering my vitamins, going for a walk when I can, reading a good book, and trying to listen to my body. I’m not particularly successful, but I try. :D

Becky Runyan

After reading and re-reading Replenish, I picked up Renee’s book at the library. I was interested after seeing her little blurb on the back of your book. Just starting, but love the gentle message both of you share. Self care is so hard for me to do without feeling selfish, but soooo needed. Thank you for the encouragement as always beautiful Lisa :)


Yes, please!!! With four littles ones self care too often falls by the wayside.

Leslie Schuler

5.5 and 2.5 yr olds and one due very soon. Self care is a nap and possibly a shower :)

Becky Runyan



Thanks for the giveaway–we’ve had a wild year and I’d love to win :)


I appreciate how self care is important at all stages and seasons of life. This is a great gift & opportunity. Thank you.

Elle Key

A year of renewal sounds amazing about now!


As many others have mentioned, it is still a struggle for me to not feel selfish when taking the much needed, and infrequent, moments to take care of my whole self. I am excited about checking out some of these resources!


Thank you for the giveaway! Could so use this as can many other moms, I’m sure. :)


What a wonderful gift for myself and for those around me. :-) To me, self care is about doing something that refreshes and reinvigorates me. Then I feel ready to resume my daily tasks with (hopefully) more enthusiasm and joy.


I used to think I knew what self care was: eating well, exercising, sleeping, meditating, etc. And, I thought I was pretty good it. Recently, I realized that self care means taking the time to get to know myself and what I really need, moment to moment, day to day.


Wow! What a giveaway.
For me self-care is listening to my own voice and knowing enough, taking a pause before I lose it and practicing small rituals that nurture me.
So easy to write about but an ongoing journey to put into practice!
Thanks for the chance!


Self care is so vital and often overlooked… I think some women feel guilty spending time on themselves or somehow feel selfish taking some time out to take care of themselves.


Self-care for me is a long hot bath with a good book and no interruptions, something that rarely happens!


I would love to win this!! It sounds amazing!!! Fingers crossed!!!


Thank you.

Julie W

Wow! What a giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.
For me, self-care means not neglecting my own needs even as I take care of others. It means acknowledging what I need — not in a selfish way, but in a healthy way — and making time for rest and filling myself back up.

Heather Myhr

I’m working on better incorporating self-care into my life. Would love opportunity to learn more.


Self-care to me is taking a break from my normal duties of mom, wife, and homemaker to do something for myself like taking a bubble bath, reading a book alone in the bedroom for an hour, taking a walk alone….basically anything alone for an hour or so to remember what it is like to not have someone pulling on my shirt tail 24/7 haha.


Thanks for the opportunity!


I had my third daughter last fall, so I’m noticing that self care is harder for me to fit in with so many littles. I definitely have to be more purposeful with it. I also want to set a good example for my girls.


In the process of learning to care for myself better… So as to be more fully present for the ones I love and care for. I want to learn the ebb and flow of a life of engaging and disengaging to refuel my soul so I can live to serve God and others, but not unhealthily at the expense of myself. Thanks for the offer!

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker

I so need a year of self care. I’m guessing I’ve got a year or two before things get crazy again :).

April Stiles

I would love to win this! Self care is essential.

Sue Erdelt

I need to learn how to fit self care in to my crazy, stressful Life!

Sue Erdelt

I need to learn to fit self care in to my crazy, busy life!


Self-care is the cure for what ails me!

Paula J

Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to have self-care prioritized in my life, as it’s been on the back burner for too long. It’s easy to forget to secure my own oxygen mask first, and that forgetting turns me into a grumpy mama.


My second child is 12 days old. At this point, self care means taking a shower every few days!


Would love to win this! Our 2nd baby arrives this year and this would be lovely to have :)

Meg Merkley

HELLO! I need help with self care! Thanks for the opportunity.

Melissa Nassraway

Hi. I would love to win.


Awesome giveaway! It sounds so helpful, especially as I’m about to re-enter that hormonal rollercoaster with the birth of another baby. :)

Shawna Banman

Oh goodness…my heart leaps at the possibility of winning this. What an opportunity :). Thanks Lisa for sharing this :)


Self-care is so important. And I forget all the time. I get so caught up in taking care of others…. husband, 3 kids, pets, etc…. that I forget about myself. “or don’t have time” I need to make me a priority, to take care of me first. I’m practicing.

Ann McMahon

Self care for me means long walks, plenty of reading, clean foods water and rest.


Thank you for this give away! I’ve been on a hormonal rollercoaster for years now.

Beth Major

I’ve overloaded myself with Health and Wellness and Self Care, and Home Care, and Natural Remedies and all that good stuff…. And I am so STOKED about it!!!

I can’t wait until I can get the time to work through it all and continue to better the lives of myself and my family…..

Jazzmin V.

Hi, I wold love to win this package!


Self-care is a work in progress for me right now. I am working on trying to find that balance between work, family, and my self care; it’s slow-going sometimes, but usually the most important projects are. :)

Sarah m

Self care means to me: being well-rested and having plenty of margin time to just be with my kids, whether that’s reading books and doing the whole bedtime routine, or just snuggling up for awhile talking, and not having to do or go anywhere!
Sarah M

Kimberly S

Would love to win!! This would be a prefect addition once I am finished my “Teach Your Life to be Extraordinary!!” course with you.


I wish I had learned the lesson of self-care sooner! I’m so much better when I make time for it!


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway.

Self care is something that I and so many mothers neglect. We focus on the needs of others so much and not on caring for ourselves. When in actuality, we could better serve our loved ones and neighbors if we better cared for ourselves first.

Emily Nye

Self care is something we often put to the back burner in taking care of our families needs. Would love the opportunity to learn how to take care of my own self needs to then better take care of my families.

Laurel Holler

After having baby #3 just eight months ago I could use this!!!!!!


I would love to win this package.

Shantel Gholston

Self-care is a lifestyle habit that I abstractly knew about but only recently understood in a way that gave me real hope. My children range in age from 8 to adult and thoughout my marriage and motherhood I struggled with how to love me as much as I did each person in household. Sometimes. It seems either I had nothing else or time ran out. I am so excited about rediscovering me and seeing the positive benefits in my life physically, spiritually and mentally. My hormones and I are still learning to be nice to each other. I definitely have more victories than defeats now.


Thank you for the chance to win!

Self-care is something I fight tooth and nail with MYSELF for. The battle to feel like I’m important enough to carve away the time for when I feel like my vocation is motherhood and being a wife. I know I won’t get this time back with my kids so I give myself the gift of self care to thoroughly enjoy them. I appreciate the benefit of self-care because then I’m more open to my husband, because I feel rested and whole as myself.


Self care is so much easier said than done for me. I never imagined it would take so much extra effort for me to take a walk, meet a friend, or do anything restorative just for me. My mom was a single-parent and I never saw her take care of herself (aside from basic things) or do anything extra for herself, so I think I am working upstream against my mom’s example that’s ingrained in me from childhood – selflessness is what it means to be a mom . But it’s so not true! I know that the best thing I can do for my family is take care of myself. It’s just HARD. I work full-time (as a teacher) and commute 50 miles a day… But it IS possible – have to start some where and I’ve learned even a little goes a long way.

Kim S.

Self-care is really hard for me, but I owe it to my three girls to put myself at the top of my list. What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you!


I try my best to self care, but it is difficult with baby, and a husband that doesn’t understand the hormonal changes we go through. thanks for this opportunity and taking care of mommas. we need to help each other in our efforts for self care.

Krystal R

This would be awesome to win! Thanks


I find that Self care is the most important type of care that is usually the last on the list of priorities.


So excited to read about this!! I’m in the early stages of self care after “pouring myself out” almost to empty for my husband and four kids. This is such important work that you’re doing!

Darlene H

In the middle of chaos, we as women so forget self care. And we all need to learn, or be reminded, if your cup is empty you CAN’T give anything away. Anything meaning love, patience, gratitude, a happy attitude, etc. Self care is where it must start.

Dana S

What an interesting giveaway – first time I found this website. I think self-care includes finding a little me time every day so I can regroup and focus. I recently left my job so I could spend more time with my family (and I’m a single mom!).


Looks like an amazing giveaway!

Anna M

Self care means exercise and water and allowing myself to have needs too! Thanks for all your teaching in this area Lisa!

angelette gore

I am the mother of six children: five girls and one boy. We sadly lost the eldest daughter to breast cancer 4 years ago. I could use some special time for self renewal. I am an encourager and a giver. I have decided to take care of myself more, and this is a good place to start. Thank you for caring about women.


I’d love to win!


Oh my! Would love love to win this!

Joyce W

It is so hard for a mother, especially one with young children to take good care of herself, yet it is so important. I wish I had known how to better balance my stress and hormones when my boys were young as life would have been much better then and I wouldn’t find myself with major hormone issues now. A year of self-care sounds wonderful!

Dana c

Self care is something I’m realizing is important to being the best mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend! It’s an ongoing learning process with invaluable benefits.

Heather S

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I would be thrilled to win! To me, self care means honoring myself in spirit, soul, and body!


Self care is so essential yet so hard to prioritize as a mom. It’s taken some very diligent scheduling to honor this time for myself. I feel naturally wired to care for all other things first! The great thing I’ve discovered is I’m such a better mom when I take that nurturing time for me.

Marie G

Wow, such a great giveaway!


I just weaned my first child. What a roller coaster. If only I’d found this sooner.


Self-care, taking time for me to relax and recover. Now if only I would do it :)


Self care is so important, but I don’t do it. Amazing give away!!


Amazing giveaways, Lisa! I love Renee’s work and have been to two of her retreats. This is such a timely post about hormones since I just gave birth to my 4th daughter a few weeks ago and I’m once again navigating the world of breastfeeding hormones. I read it yesterday and it really hit home just how much hormones play into mood. Thanks so much for the reminder!


These look wonderful! I don’t know a mama who couldn’t use some self-care. :)


I am a mama of 3 who has been wondering about her hormones right now! Thank u for the giveaway:)

Lori Knight

Self care means giving yourself time to do things just for you.

Lelli Gray

This looks amazingly full of wisdom, just what the divine feminine doctor ordered :)

Apryl Powell

Nope haven’t done a whole lot of self-care, that’s for sure. I’m a mama of 4, navigating all this along with all y’all.


Self care? You know, until very recently, it seemed like an excuse to be selfISH. But now that I have been fighting my way back from a deep depression (hmmm – never heard about the stopping breastfeeding link; I’ll need to check some dates…) I see it differently. I’ve been using bioidentical hormones for s few years now, and still am not really ‘well’ yet. If I would have taken the time to take care of myself, even a fourth as much as I took care of the rest of my family, I don’t think I would have gotten so bad, and my recovery would have been shorter.
So – self care is simply taking care of yourself, in whatever way YOU need.
I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!!


Self care comes in small ways for me right now. But at least it comes. I want to become an flourishing example of proficient self care for myself, an the influence it will have on my family. I know it will influence my daughter in how she will tend to her own self care when she is older.


My experiences with birth and weaning was also very different with each of my three boys. Relearning self care now that my youngest is four. This giveaway would be a great way to boost any woman’s life. Thank you for the opportunity to grow. Love your writing.


What a wonderful giveaway. Right now self care means learning how to love myself even though others around me don’t understand me or my needs. I’m not sure how but I know it’s necessary.

Zoe A Schoppa

What a blessing this would be! I am raising two beautiful adopted children with reactive attachment disorder and in the process of adopting two more foster children. Self-care is something that I’ve not exactly conquered.


Wow! Look at all those comments. This looks like an awesome giveaway! Self-care has been a huge learning experience for me this past year. (In fact, “rest” is my word for 2014.) Thank you for offering this!

Jennifer N. in CA

This is exactly what I’m struggling with right now. These prizes sound like the perfect recharge opportunity (although I should probably figure it out on my own). Thanks for sharing such great resources.


Self-care: being true to the One who loves me most… if I depend on Him, then I am truly well cared for… when I depend on myself, I become a selfish mama who falls into depression and tantrums because the important ones in my life (two little ones under 25 months and a busy husband) don’t recognize all I do… but when I depend on God, the blessings of my calling becomes so clear and a joy to do… and I take the time to recognize the love my family shows me each day (“One more story, Mama, ” as the older one climbs into my lap; a soft hand on my cheek as I nurse the other in the middle of the night; a husband who climbs faithfully out of bad each morning to head to work so that I can stay at home with our children; etc).


That’s bed not bad. :)


At this time in my life self care means paying attention to what my body is trying to tell me and doing my best to step up and give it to myself. Such a challenge!

Kirsten Harrison

As a home educating mom, I am just started the self care process. I have lost 55 lbs and am learning to eat right and exercise. This would mean so much to me!!

Crystal Johnson

Would love to win this giveaway!!

Jamie R.

Self-care means listening to that voice within that tells you exactly what you need.


This sounds fabulous. Thank you for offering it!


I’ll go with hi since self care has escaped me!

Rebecca fleishman

I saw Renee at kripalu last year- it was an amazing experience!

Shari G

Self-Care means to me: taking a few minutes out of every day just for me…be it deep breathing or a laugh with a friend.

D'ana H

Self care……. something that busy momma’s tend to put on the back burner – but to me, being able to spend some QUIET time daily – reading His Word, having a yummy smoothie (all my own), sitting in the calm quiet morning sunrise. And a real treat – getting a mani/pedi or massage of something special!!!




Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!
I also appreciate you introducing us to Renee. In fact, I bought a copy of her book a few months ago!
Self-care to me is first and foremost about self-love. If we love ourselves more, then we should struggle less with self-care. It’s a lesson I am still learning.

Julie St-Martin

Thanks so much Lisa for sharing the power of self-care and spreading Renee’s wonderful message!!


This is AWESOME! What an fabulous prize to win!


Self care to me is recognizing that I am a person too and making sure I treat myself as well as I treat others. This is much easier said than done!

Heather M

Would love to win! Sounds so amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence

Such a good article. Thank you so much! And what a great give-away.


Some surprising words came out of mouth the other day when I was talking to a friend..that I am functioning at 30% level??no clue where that number popped out of but I realized I need to do something desperately soon otherwise, I will miss out on daily miracles with my kids & family..

Tea Cup

Lost in the jungle as we speak having given birth to my fourth babe one year ago. The well of info out there on this topic is just as depleted as I am. Thank you for contributing.


Self-care has been on my mind much more than it is on my to-do list! Would love this prize!

Stephanie Barnard

Hi- Just wanted to say I love all the info you are sharing regularly.


What a blessing this giveaway will be to a mom!

Grace ming jian

I’m a new mom to a 7 months old boy, a beginner on the journey of motherhood. i m so happy to learn and grow, exploring the world with my little one, at the same time balancing myself mind body and soul. Glad to find your website, wonderful resources, thank you! :)


Self-care means being kind and generous with myself instead of meeting all the “standards” in my head.


Having a daughter with many medical special needs and who is autistic, I’m learning the self care is the lifeline to my sanity and well-being. Seven years of horrible stress has taken it’s toll, that’s for sure. Relying on our faith is our lifesaver, but I haven’t focused on myself at all. All of your info and encouragement is such a huge help! <3

Jamie P

Wow, thanks for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway. I know I have to learn in the self care department, especially as a wife and mother. Thanks so much!


Wonderful stuff! I’d love to win this as a mother of three, leader of several ministries and one who is prone to burn out, this would be a great gift!


Sounds like a great giveaway!

Natalie P

This sounds amazing! Self-care to me is pruning back from my life that which does not serve me and nurturing those things in my life that fill me up and thereby equip me to give my best to my loved ones and the world.

bahieh K.

well, hello. xo


Self-care is essential to happily fulfill the role of a mother.


I could sure use this!

Kelli K

To me self-care means being intentional about what I do each day instead of letting the day direct me. Also, including one or two small moments just for me somewhere in the mix makes all the difference in my days.


I would LOVE to win this giveaway!! I hate to say that since having a baby (who is now a preschooler) I have very much neglected self care. It always seems that I never have the time or just feel too bad when I do something for myself. This is something that I am trying to get right. It’s just taken me a while to figure it out.



Jarah Whitaker

I try to do self care. Most of the time I’m just too tired. I have gotten more manicures in the last 5 months than in the previous 22 years though! I love feeling pampered. Most of the time, I’m happy to just cuddle with my fiancé and watch a movie in silence. Silence is hard with a 16mo haha

Kathy Parker

Self-care is such a hard thing as a Mom. My 4 daughters are all grown but I still think of them first. Would love to win !


Still figuring out what self-care means for me in my topsy-turvy life with a baby!

Pam Koop

Hi and yes, self care is so essential! Still figuring out what that looks like now with 3 little ones underfoot!


I’m just learning what self care really means. I got this book from the library and can’t wait to read it! Thank you Lisa!


Self-care can feel scary and involve learning to be vulnerable and developing the courage to claim what you need. It involves risk and necessitates the deep down belief that “I matter”. At 42 I am still very much in the process of believing this and learning to really love and care for myself but I am making progress:)

Jill Cave

Having give birth to my 12th child 2 1/2 weeks ago and having 2 1/2 year old twins I am not sure what self care looks like. I am interested in looking into this book you recommended though.


What a wonderful gift. Would love to win. Thank you.


S.E.L.F. Care is finding some “Silence” every day to enjoy something you like, “Enjoyment” in absolutely every precious moment of your own growth and awareness, surrounding yourself with those who “Love” you and allowing yourself to “Love” you and “Filling your cup” at every available moment to ensure you’re never running on empty xo


I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the last 3 1/2 years and I feel drained. I have been slowly learning how to care for my body physically and mentally and value all the wisdom of the mothers who have been here before me! Thank you for posting the information!

Mari Anne Auwarter

Self care is hard to fit in when you’re a mom. When I find myself overeating, I know that it’s my heart’s way of saying, “Hey, what about me. I’m feeling depleted. How about some down time.”

Robin C

I just want a nap.


Self care… that’s so hard as a mom! haha. Thanks for the opportunity!


Giveaways sound awesome. So enjoy your work and am enjoying learning about Renee’s work as well.


Not really sure what “self care” is but I know I don’t take enough time for myself to rest and rejuvenate.


What an amazing giveaway! I’m getting better at self care, but it’s been a struggle. It’s so ingrained to think of others and meet their needs first, but I’ve realized that taking even short amounts of time for myself recharges me and makes me much nicer to be around.

Dawn B

Sounds like a great learning opportunity!

Elizabeth Hoover

After baby #3, trying to get back in the game of taking better care of myself and not getting burned out while caring for my family!


Wow, what a gracious giveaway :)

Sarah Taylor

Self care? What is that? :(


I’m learning that for me self care is putting my creative energy and efforts into something worthwhile and productive!


I need this so badly. I am still having problems with hormonal issues and my youngest is 5. :(
Thank you for the opportunity.


I’m new to learning what self care is and I hope to get a lot brtter


Self care means taking the time to acknowledge that you get to have needs and that doing nice things for yourself isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessity. What a great giveaway! Exciting.


Self care is something that I am putting as a priority this year. As a mom of three kids, I have struggled over the past several years keeping up with all of life’s demands and unfortunately it can lead to being burned out. So I am slowly changing things and hoping to become a much happier person who enjoys life more and not just going through the moments watching life pass me by.

Angela Pinkelman

Whenever I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed or fatigued I go to self-care to bring myself back to balance. Over the past 6 months I have been integrating more essential oils into my daily routine and it has made a remarkable difference in my energy, stress levels and ability to focus on tasks.


What an incredible giveaway! For me, self care comes in different ways. A cup of soothing tea is the perfect way to end the day. But most important for me, I need to take a quarterly retreat for a day to regain my sense of equilibrium and to reset my focus.


Self care is such an important part of life – for me it often looks like reading, journaling, yoga, walking in the park or cooking delicious food!


Self care is essential to living an intentional and mindful life. It is a minute by minute, hour by hour journey of checking in with myself and asking what do I need right now? (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) It often means more time out doors (unplugged from electronics), moving my body, being vulnerable, being brave and being the truest expression of me in the moment. I so appreciate all of your guidance and support along the way in navigating this challenging but rewarding journey.


Thank you for the giveaway. I have suffered all my life with an unbalanced Hormones. Most of the time it was dismissed as being to sensitive. I had 10 pregnancies, only 4 successful. 4 years ago after the birth of my Daughter I had extreme cramps, and PPD. I was again dismissed and told it was scar tissue pulling since I had 3 csections in 3 years. Turned out that during the surgery they discovered that I had endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I have tried everything to balance out my hormones with little success. I look forward to reading this book for some new ideas.


I am 37 years old, a health practitioner, mother of two very special little beings aged 21/2 years old and 8 months old, and probably for the first time in my life I am starting to explore what self-care means for me. It is a wobbly and tentative journey, and one that I am so grateful to finally be upon.


Ooh yes please! It looks fabulous!


Self care is so vitally important as I have learned from being a mom of “advanced maternal age”. The concept makes so much sense, so why is it so hard to give ourselves what we need?


Having a family and taking care of them is a blessing, however, I think I’ve gotten lost in the shuffle. This giveaway would probably help me get on track. Thanks for the opportunity!


Self care… sometimes as a mom taking care of yourself doesn’t always come first… or second. But to me it means slowing down and remembering how important I am to my family, taking the time to do something just for me whether it’s reading a book, making sure that I’m eating healthy, promoting healthy living within my family, or even just getting away for an afternoon.

Mary Upham

As a parent coach I frequently work with mamas who are struggling with self-care – both what the concept means and how to implement it in every day life. I myself have had a long and winding journey to get to a good place with caring for myself. It is tricky at times, but as soon as I reply to a child with a sharp word or feel resentment creeping in I know I need to reexamine life and fit in more things that fill up my cup. The part that excites me most about this amazing giveaway is the training to facilitate self-renewal groups. I would love to be able to bring this message to more moms – and not just those who have extra time and extra money, but those who are struggling in multiple ways and can really use the support, encouragement, and new ideas. Thanks, Lisa, for all you do and for the opportunity to join in!

Marcee Rodgers

Self care to me is being able to get enough sleep.


Reading a good book- just cause I want to, not for some ascribed purpose.


I have been having the hardest time figuring out what is going on
in my body! I am getting desperate to find something that works! So excited for the opportunity for this!


Sounds wonderful~!


Can’t wait for this one! :)

Desi-Ann Gordon

I am so in need of self help. With two kids and a full time job I usually feel so drained most days. This will be a great help!!

Rebekah Sellers

As the years go by I realize how important self care is and yet I still struggle in this area.

Jennifer Dunham

What a wonderful opportunity as I begin the journey.

Sarah J

Self care to me means taking the time to be healthy in food and exercise, looking my best for my family, and spending needed time with Jesus.


To me, self-care means a constant balancing act and never quite feeling that I have it right! What I hope it will come to mean is a nurturing balance that somehow is secure even when it wobbles.


Great give-away for Mother’s day!


I feel like I know what the words self care mean but have no idea how to incorporate it into my life. I’m too busy caring for my daughters and my husband and running our household that I forget I even have a self sometimes.

Sarah M

Self care is something I’ve been neglecting. I would love to win this.

Mary Jenkins

I could really use some renewal about right now….

Theresa Sawtelle

Very nice giveaway.


What a great gift! And what an amazing prize package….


I’d love this book, I’ve had it on my wish list for a while!

Stephanie C.

If this can help me be the mother that I dream of being, then sign me up! Thanks for your blog!


Wow! What an awesome prize! Self-care is such a hard thing for me to prioritize in my life, even though when I do take good care of myself, everything else falls much more easily into place.

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