When it comes to my work, what is my definition of “enough”?


Hello beautiful women!

Just a few days ago I received Tsh Oxenreider’s book, Notes from a Blue Bike, in the mail fresh off the presses from her publishing house. She’s also graciously offered to allow me to giveaway 5 copies of her book on my blog (so be sure to leave a comment on this blog post below to enter to win).

The message of Tsh’s book arrived in sync to the deeper questions I’ve been asking myself right at this moment of my life. I’ve been reflecting on how we experience satisfaction and the feeling of “enough” in our lives- rather than just pining for them all the time.

How do I work hard and reach a new goal or level in my work and have the presence of mind to fully celebrate it without just creating a new finish line to work toward?

In her book, Tsh explores what it means to live a life of intention. One in which we align our choices and personal growth with the inner values and beliefs we hold true. Her book is a gorgeous tapestry of personal memoir, deeper truths we all grapple with, and intimate views into how others are living out these questions in their lives.

Personally, as a mother and business owner I am always assessing my work choices within the context of how it will impact my life as a mother and the life of our family.

Seeking to integrate both happy satisfaction in the here and now with my natural tendency toward creativity, ambition and passion is an ongoing dance. One I sometimes feel hugely competent in, other times feel desperately lost in.

I think much of our struggle is an internal one.

It’s the battle we wage against ourselves all the time. The inner judgements we put on ourselves that distract us from the truth at hand…which I believe is that we are created to hold BOTH contentment and drive in our lives.

Sometimes the dance is a give and take: I have seasons of forward goal-oriented action and season of retreating fully into the rhythms of my days at home.

Sometimes they exist at the same time: like when I slip into a warm bath after a long day of mentoring mothers and loving kids and recognize with the clarity of a cloudless sky how deeply blessed I am in life.

When the dance is working, my priorities are clear and I align my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’ according to them. I trust that nothing is an emergency. Nothing needs to happen right now. And I can keep taking my next right step – whether that is getting a new blog post written or caring for a sick child home from school.

Step 1: Clarify your priorities.

Step 2: Take the next right step in front of you.

That dance really works for me.

And yet there’s another awkward, uncomfortable dance that happens in the landscape of my mind all too often. The one where I judge and shame myself for how I’m naturally wired.

I call my natural ambition and desire for creativity, impatience and ungratefulness.

I call myself lazy and unfocused for feeling contentment and enoughness, chiding that I’m not using my talents to their highest potential and missing out on “something out there”.

We are just so hard on ourselves.

Over the years growing my own business, I’ve come to see that the harmonizer for all this imbalance is really … love.

Love is the bottom line for me.

I can quiet the battle in my mind by asking, “Where is love calling me right now?” “Am I feeling more or less love right now?”

When I am in my sweet spot in work, I am overflowing with love for the women I serve and support. I am enlivened by the work I offer in the world. I show up in the many roles I hold as a brighter, fuller, more alive woman. When this begins to dull. When I begin to feel overwhelm, exhaustion, lack of inspiration, obligation…that’s when I know a shift in the dance needs to happen.

When I am in my sweet spot as a mother, I am overflowing with love* for my children. *Not whether I actually love my kids, but more whether I’m flowing with the expressions of love for them)… Engaging with interest, attention, gentleness, kindness, laughter, patience, presence. When this starts waning, I know a shift in the dance needs to happen.

And that’s what I believe it looks like in real life.

It’s a tuning in and responding as my dear friend Renee Trudeau says. That’s the walk of living life authentically, with intention and with great joy: tuning in and responding to what is happening here and now.  It’s learning to see what’s working and what’s not, having clear anchors for your center space and learning how to return back to that place when you’ve floated too far away.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer 5 of the beautiful women who are part of the WellGrounded Life community (that’s YOU!) a free copy of Tsh’s new book, Notes from a Blue Bike.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post below. I’ll close the giveaway this Friday (Feb 7), midnight EST and choose 5 winners at random.

I’d love to hear if you struggle with embracing the experience of enoughness and contentment in life. Of course, you can also simply leave a quick hello below and you’ll be entered as well :)

Much love,


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I once got a fortune cookie that said, “enough is as good as a feast.” It’s so true but I think with all of the messages of scarcity and finite success out there it is hard to remember this. I hadn’t actually thought about that little message in a while until I read this post!


That’s a saying from Ma Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie too!

And it’s possible to never have “enough” things finished when you’re a stay-at-home mom too. Lisa, your final paragraphs reminded me of the place in I Corinthians where Paul says “I can do ____ but if I don’t have love, I am/it is worth nothing.” Thanks for reminding me that housekeeping out of love is much more profitable than angrily washing dishes while the little guy screams–nobody wins in that latter scenario!


Your fortune cookie really hit me today! We just got some pretty unsettling financial news that has us floundering a bit and I think this will become our new mantra. So THANKS so much for sharing! I liked it so much, I made something of it (to put on my wall) and posted it as a freebie to my site so you could see it too.

Really, thank you.

Pam Frohn

I can’t wait to read this!


It is always a struggle to keep priorities straight…it is great to read your post how to better manage this struggle!! God bless you.

Dominique Goh@Dominique's Desk

This sounds like a really interesting read. Can’t wait to read it.

Christine Green

I got up one morning and got ready for work.
AS I opened the door to my work place an overwhelming feeling came over me. The word that popped into my head was ENOUGH!.
Wow. As I went about my day I felt I do not want to do this anymore!
That day I had a surprize visit from the CEO.
To make a long story short, I thanked him for the opportunity and challenge but I decided right there and then ENOUGH. On the spot. It seemed that I came out of my body and I was watching myself do what my core being was telling me to do. I left the very same day as I knew if I allowed more money, position and responsibility and would back out and stay in a job I no longer wanted to be in.
Needless to say I felt a weight so heavy move from my body. Floating on air is a good way to put it!. As I was driving home I shouted no more struggle no more suffering! I felt completely liberated. I have not looked back. I have LET GO of what did not serve me anymore. My whole life changed from that moment on. The word is very ENOUGH is very powerful! Life changing for me.


Always struggling with how much is enough – did I do enough work today, pay enough attention to my girls, etc., etc. I’m old enough to know about balance and priorities that work for me, but it’s always tricky!


I hadn’t heard of the term ‘enoughness’ until earlier today and now I have heard it twice! Thanks Lisa, spot on.


Love you blog and all your are doing to bring wellness to women!


I would love to read this! Thanks for the chance to win.

Angela R

I’ve been wanting read this book ever since Tsh started promoting it. I found you thru her site :)


For me, I think it’s a struggle that ebbs and flows with each new transition I encounter in life and growing into feeling “enough” in that new space. Trying to do it gracefully and kindly to myself is what I find challenging.

Paula J

Love this. Finding enoughness is definitely a dance, but one worth learning and improvising amid the unexpected twists of life. I’d love to read Tsh’s book.


So excited for this book! And thoroughly enjoy starting my day with your email inspirations.


Looking so forward to reading this book! Thank you for your inspiring emails!


It is a dance indeed. It seems like anything that is worth striving for has similar tensions!


Thank you for giving us a chance to win this book. It sounds right up my alley!


Your dance sounds like mine. :-)


I would love to have a copy of this book. It sounds like exactly what I am interested in!


Sounds like a wonderful, meaningful read. Memoirs are my favorite genre and this one sounds right up my alley as a working mom trying to balance it all. Thanks for recommending.


When I learned to block the outside “noise” is when I learned how perfect our “enough” is!


good reading today

I’m also figuring out this dance called life. I’m working on finding my sweet spot where I can thrive and then help those around me thrive too. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

Pam baumer

Would love to read this book!!

Tea Cup

Yes to everything


Sounds like an amazing book!


Sounds like a great book!




Whenever I read my Bible first thing in the morning, it helps me to clarify my priorities and know what is the next right step in front of me. Such a simple thing and yet so powerful for me.

Cindy Keener

This book is definitely going on my “must read” list. This is the second review of it I’ve read in the last 24 hours. And who wouldn’t want to read a book by Tsh? Love her!

Shawna Banman

Hiya Lisa…thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Being “enough” has been a huge part of my struggle over the years no matter where I was. The idea of my good “attributes” bring twisted into bad plays in my mind. So thank you for sharing. I’d love to win the book but if not I will look for it at the library :). Blessings, Shawna


Sounds like an inspiring read. Just figuring out how to slow down is hard enough.

Markita D.

This sounds like a perfect book for me!

Paige SImmons

Just looking at the cover of the book begins to bring about peace and relaxation! I am constantly adjusting my steps in this very same dance! I’m a mom and I’m starting my own business. I struggle with guilt when I am at “work” in either situation, worrying that something or someone isn’t getting the attention that it needs. Would love some help with my dance steps!


I’m looking forward to reading Tsh’s new book and thinking about my ‘success’ in a new light.


Great that you are offering this book. Would love to win one. Thanks for sharing your God given gifts with other moms. God bless, trish


This book has been on my wish list. Can’t wait to read it. Hope I win but getting it nevertheless :)


Omg…enoughness…big struggle when looking outside of the self…just now beginning to look in…what an adventure!


Lisa, You hit the nail on the head with the internal dialogue that moms and women have! Sigh. I will work harder to keep that judge-y side of me at bay. :)


I was thinking about this when I woke up this morning. Should I be investing energy into making what I have work for me or should I be praying and looking for something better? Maybe the answer is a little bit of both.


I struggle with enough because as a mom there is a never ending cycle of dishes, laundry, & messes.

Caroline Starr Rose

I’d love to enter! This is why I quit teaching. It wasn’t logical and it was something I loved dearly, but I just couldn’t do it all. I wanted to live intentionally and fully, not run on fumes all the time.


PS – I’ve also asked my library to purchase a copy — a great way to support authors!


I have been looking forward to the book’s release and would love to win a copy. Thanks so much!!


We choose to live at a different pace than most all of our peers, so I sometimes struggle with whether to “justify” our choices to others. Sounds like this would be a great read for me!


I would love to win a copy of this book as somebody who is constantly “striving” and getting near the end of a massive goal right now. Sounds like a good match for me!

Jaime Goodman

I just told my husband last night while sitting on the couch together after our four kids were in bed, that I struggle to enjoy the moments. I struggle to be content and at peace with the “now” instead of stressed out by it. I find this is because I approach life with an end goal always in mind and I experience good feelings associated with completion, personal ideas of having been successful in something and having seen it through. But when I’m in the middle of the process I become easily discontent. This leads to feeling irritable and stressed out. I’m praying through finding delight in the process in the metamorphosis and pausing to praise God for the moments. This is a new habit I have to create because I’m not wired this way on my own. But I know that I will be a happier, healthier person as I learn to be more content in the moments and patient about the completion.

Michele Hamilton

I was literally just asked today to consider if I am truly living in alignment with my core values…seems like the universe is giving me a nudge to really ponder this. Would love to the book.


Ah, yes, a frequent struggle. It is, as described, a dance that ebbs and flows but for me personally, I have found gratitude (for what I have created, for what I have in life, for simple things) and mindfulness tend to oppose my feelings of “not enough/work not good enough”. We miss the moments of joy and life when we are constantly looking to the next thing.
At least this is my mindset since yesterday after a very critical-of-myself weekend :) An ebb and flow with each day being a chance to begin again!
Looks like a great read.


So excited for T s h s new book! Thank you for the chance to win


I need this in my life right now! I am struggling to make the best decisions and choose a healthy path but I also feel like I can’t admit that weakness to the people around me. Love is the bottom line, for sure.

I love your way with words – it has helped me so much, more than once. You once said something about how when we try to make a big change we often take two steps back and then go forward – be that weight gain when trying to lose, yelling at kids when you are trying to stop yelling, etc – that forgiveness and realization has helped me immesurably. Thank you.


Yes, I can SO relate to the desire to “do” and “be” enough, and to live with intention and contentment. As always, I love and appreciate your transparency, Lisa! Looking forward to reading Tsh’s book.


Oh, I know how you feel. That is why I signed up for Replenish 365!!! And, why I am getting the tattoo, I am enough on my wrists. so that I can see that reminder all the time!
I love Tsh. and you. thanks for the giveaway and for being an inspiration.

Holly C

It’s definitely a struggle for me at times. I go through periods where there is enough and things are great. Then I start craving more and everything goes crazy again.


My goal for 2014 is to be content…to be in love with what is.


I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for
Months, precisely because I am in the middle of the dance of finding a new place, a new way of being, in my life. So off balance in many areas of life, I am craving finding equilibrium and becoming a happier,
More creatively satisfied, fully alive, wife, mother, and woman. Simply, I’m looking to be the person who is inside of me, waiting to break out into the sunshine.
I think at this particular moment in time, it is especially important for us as women to approach our lives from a place of authenticity, filling our bowls with plenty, and keeping in mind that they don’t need to be overflowing to be full, to have enough.

Alexandra Navarro

Hi, This is the first time i read your blog and I LOVE IT!
Thanks a lot!


The story in my life has been I am not enough. That’s the old story. I’m on a journey now about being intentional in whatever I do. I’m enough. And that settles it. Great blog post. Thanks


Oh, I’d love a copy!!!


What a beautiful post you wrote. I am forever struggling with the concept of being enough and doing enough. I think there is a huge power in being able to appreciate what is and letting go of the struggle. I do see how sweet life could be, but there is always that conditioned yearning that pulls me away. Thank you for all the reminders.


Thanks for publicizing and thanks for the giveaway!


Love this reminder. Your truly a blessing to the lives of us women. Thank you.


Enough seems to be a fine and often elusive line. I

Elizabeth R

I love Tsh! I struggle with accepting enough instead of switching to a new goal immediately. I can’t wait to read what Tsh has to say!

Marguerite Martin

Hi Lisa ~ We met last year at the Women’s Wellness Weekend at Camp Speers. I presented a class right after one of yours. I was so inspired by your message (returning to calm) and the eloquent way you presented it. The post today was especially significant for me as I sometimes struggle with the dance of enoughness. These days, I give myself the luxury of reflecting on where these ideas of lack originated from and then I go about the business of loving myself in spite of it all. I’m getting better at accepting the full range of who I am and how “I’m naturally wired.” Cutting myself some slack, along with kindness and self-compassion, has me doing the two step towards more joy. Thank you for being a new catalyst in my journey.


I can’t wait to read this!!


I would love a copy of Tsh’s book! It’s definitely on my list to read this year!

Providence Manning

It’s funny because I sometimes feel that when I do what comes naturally… and logically… the rest of the world judges and comes crashing down. Just this morning, for example, my doors were frozen shut on my 16 year old Expedition. I had to get my kids to school because I live under scrutiny of being late-ish – as in – toward the back of the nefarioius drop-off line.
I literally can’t be late to school without impunity because I defended myself, my home and my parenting to a third grade teacher and a gym teacher and they twisted the account of what happened in an “annonymous” report to Child Protective Services.
I’ve read and believe in much of what you’re striving for – all the good intententions, the purposeful… authentic… deliberate and balanced life you are trying to live and here’s what I think. Try and imagine that someone else is trying to tell you who you are and not in a pleasant way. Then think to yourself… who am I? Would you defend that person?
This morning, my doors were frozen shut on my truck – even after running the heat for 30 minutes. I climbed through the back window and ultimately scooted the kids out the front thawed driver’s side door. In an effort not to be late, I drove against the traffic and yelled to myself, “go, go, go” with my kids in the back seat witnessing the stress and panic of trying to get to school on time.
I parked in a no parking zone nearby the school and funneled my kids through the cross-walk. Many moms drove past me in the opposite direction with shunned expressions.
Although I pray for discernment… sometimes the right answer isn’t always clear to me and, there’s usually not enough time to deliberate. How do I get these crazy high stakes consequences away from my orbit? I want to come at the world from a place of love and understanding. I want to protect my children from labelling and being judged. How do we find acceptance in an unaccepting world?


“Enoughness” is something I struggle with all the time. Lisa you are an inspiration thank you for all you do. Also thanks for the chance to win Tsh’s book!


I want to be more present with my children, my husband and my business. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.


Hi Lisa, I love reading your blogs and newsletters, they are so real! I struggle with this enoughness every minute. Things like how much volunteering should I do, shouldn’t I be working more to help my husband support our family. How much time should I really be spending on myself ie detoxing buying things, reading emails, listening to webinars, yoga. When is my time enough? Should I be giving more or less? I don’t know but I somehow feel guilty when I am not giving! On an aside, my husband came home from work last night and said he flew in with his good buddy who told hime he made 975,000 last year! I was angry, and jealous and embarrassed for my feelings. This is wrong yet if I had this would I be happy, would it be enough, would I feel any different. Oh the struggles! I would love to read this and then pass it on to my friends!


I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now in all areas of my life. It’s hard to remember what’s most important when everything seems to be falling down around your ears! I usually just remind myself that “all things must pass.”


This book sounds great, I appreciate “The Art of Simple” and Tsh’s work.


ooooh I would love to read. thanks for sharing!


Sounds like an incredible book. Setting your goals sounds easy enough until you start really getting into the meat and potatoes of it all. I’d love to win a copy to read for my self-development reading list for this year. ::crosses fingers::


I’d love to read this book (and our library doesn’t appear to have it on order!).

Sarah M

I would love to read this book! I’ve already heard good things about it.
Sarah M


I would love to read this! Yes, contentment is something that can and needs to be practiced in so many areas of our life!


Oh Lisa, you say so well what my heart feels! Yes, many times I chide myself for taking a break and enjoying the here and now instead of working on the next goal. It sounds ridiculous when I think of it that way. :)


Hello! And thanks for the beautiful post.

Jodie R

Yes, I continually battle living being sucked in by the misleading and deceptive messages of our culture… Longing to be so fixed on the Lord and His Word and eternity, yet always wanting more of the things that never really satisfy… I would be so grateful to win this book…I was just looking at it yesterday! Thanks.


Love Tsh! Love you! I have ordered a copy for myself already, but if I won a copy it’d be fun to bless another mama with what I anticipate will be a great book!

Melissa Irmen

It is most difficult to listen to that voice of Enough when it is contrary to all the world’s messages around you. I’d love to read this book!


I would really like to read Tsh’s book. I think I need more constant reminders of enough.


I resonate so strongly with this! I am currently going through a season in which I feel lost, not sure which direction to travel in, a longing for contentment. When I’m in those moments of contentment if feels like “ah ha, this is what it’s all about”. I think it’s important for us to remember that it’s impossible to be in that place all of the time and perhaps finding ourselves in those places of less contentment help us to open up to the next phase in our lives. Perhaps those moments really are a reminder to us to stop, listen, feel where we are and what we need to do for ourselves. I would love to read Tsh’s book!


It is always a struggle, finding balance and knowing when enough is enough – constant prayer consideration!! I would love to read Tsh’s take on how she manages it all!


I’ve been looking forward to the release of Tsh’s book. It looks phenomenal!


Oh yes, those voices pop up all too often, but I have being doing the dance long enough that I know this is being true to myself, and when I’m happy I best use my gifts. Most of the time that’s enough for me!


Looks like a great book! I’m really looking forward to reading it.


I wanted to get this book! Hoping today is my lucky day :)


Sounds like an amazing book – I struggle with wanting it ALL – I do feel I have enough, it’s just a challenge to keep everything in line.


Thank you for this post!

Love this, Lisa. As always, you articulate the dance so beautifully. Today I am particularly grateful for the gentle reminders of what to do to come back to center. Thank you.


“That’s the walk of living life authentically, with intention and with great joy: tuning in and responding to what is happening here and now.” Both what I have learned here and from Tsh’s site have been working in tandem lately to remind me that this life now, with many variables out of my control, is not to be lived in react mode – that I can live with intention even when things are unpredictable. So thankful for motivation!


Very excited for Tsh’s new book! I really enjoyed her book “Organized Simplicity”. Thanks for sharing the news! I’m new to the mommy world (7 month old daughter), and finding my stride with all the new responsibilities & activities is tough. I love your perspective. I’m often surrounded by family that’s more conservative/strict than I am, and it’s so refreshing to read your emails & blog posts. They help me give myself permission to be my genuine self and be happy with who I see in the mirror. “Free your mind & the rest will follow”, I suppose. Praying to be a better role model for my girl!


I often struggle with enoughness. I constantly struggle to be a good wife and mother. I LOVE being a stay at home mom and feel blessed to be able to watch my child grow and learn everyday yet I feel almost guilty about staying home. I am used to being in the driver’s seat for everything involving my life yet I don’t always feel in the driver’s seat. A short time ago our family moved to a new place. Very shortly after that my husband left his job to start his own business (something we have both wanted him to do for a long time). We have gone through some VERY stressful times while getting the business going. I try not to complain about things (especially money…or lack there of) because I don’t want to add anymore stress for him. He works so hard and goes out of his way to provide everything he can for us and sometimes I don’t know how he does it. Then I see me and I don’t feel like I am keeping up my part. Yes I take care of our child but there are times I feel as if I don’t do as good as I should. I am also torn between keeping up our house also. I feel like I don’t show enough attention to our child when I am tending to the house but then I feel as if I don’t keep house good enough when I am spending time with our child. It is so hard to find balance and enoughness sometimes…especially for moms. I think this book would be a good asset to help me get my priorities straight.


My sticky place in the dance right now is the dance of intimacy with others. Yes the dance of loving others. Responding to others from my core, being vulnerable, transparent and courageous. I am learning the dance of the scale of intimacy 1-7. This has been so challenging.
I too look forward to reading Tsh’s book.

anne palmer

You find beauty in the ordinary. Appreciate this gift. :) One of my daily mantras to help keep me centered. :)


It seems that the world we live in constantly whispers we aren’t pretty enough, talented enough, organized enough, or anything “enough.” And it’s like you said, having a center that grounds you and pulls you back when the voices get too loud. My current struggle/goal is with presence. I sincerely want to be more present in my own life. Whether it’s doing dishes, folding laundry, reading books, or playing superheroes with my boys, I long to really “be” there in each situation. It feels so hard though, sometimes. Thank you for your post, it’s so nice to read the comments and be reminded that we all are working to balance and prioritize our lives. :)

Stephanie Hargrave

Thanks for the give away…a book that I am looking forward to reading.


Lisa, I love the way you word things… Always voicing perfectly what is just right for my soul at the moment I need the words to help me on my own journey. Thank you!

Jannette Simmons

Great thoughts Lisa.
Thanks for sharing your heart with us. It was a blessing to read this reminder, as I set my focus on building the wall that is right in front of me right now.


I would love to read this! Thanks for the giveaway!


So nice of Tsh!! I really appreciate how you and Tsh graciously and creatively teach and spur us to embrace enoughness and contentment in our lives. I believe I’m on a path towards that and would really enjoy reading her new book. Thanks for the opportunity Lisa!

Bobbie Jo Shockley

Thank you for sharing with us. :-) I always love book suggestions.


Thank you for sharing this review. I’d love to read this!


Clarify priorities is step 1 and step 2 and love come so much more easily after that! Clear priorities give focus and taking the next right step in front of you gives action to that focus. When it is just the next step, it is easy. It is not a leap or jump. It may be off the edge of a cliff into the wonderment of the unknown, but it is still just the next step. In that clarity and action, we can walk in enoughness and dwell and be in love. Thank you for ordering that Lisa!

Kate Law

I am constantly struggling with balance in my life! I tend to get caught up in things and over do it in that direction and can’t find a balance point, which is hard with 5 kids, a husband and growing a business from home!


This is a concept I’m always working through. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a struggle, because it isn’t always, but really more of a goal for me. Excess is so easy to achieve but just enough is a balance that I’m constantly working to maintain. I would love to read this book and see what she has to share about her own journey. Thanks for the opportunity!


As a homeschool mom of 3 little kids, a pastors wife, homemaker, and also working a part time job to help make ends meet, I struggle with “what is enough”? Am I teaching them enough? Am I doing enough ministry? Is my home clean enough when I am losing the battle of dirty dishes and laundry? How do I know when to stop and live a life of being fully present, fully engaged, and fully intentional amidst a “rat race” that seems relentless. I gave been waiting for Tsh’s book to come put. To be able to win a copy would bless my soul. Thank you for your blog and what you are doing!

Kelly R

i am currently struggling with “being present” because I am in the middle of overwhelming chaos and “too much.” “Enough” sounds awesome. Thanks for your posts and the chance to win this book.


Agh my phone had autocorrect in my previous post and self “edited” some words. What I meant is “I have been waiting for tsh ‘s book to come out”


Tsh’s book sounds very relevant to my life right now as saying yes to what I love and what I have time for is very challenging to determine. No has become hard to say. I want to do so many things, but I end up taking away time from my husband and kids when I stretch myself too thin. Thanks for your words of wisdom Lisa as I do need to focus on love.


Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!


It always seems to be a struggle to manage my priorities and find enough time for everything, including me~ I’m trying to focus on appreciating my blessings and letting enough be enough!


Living a life of intention . . . it seems the opposite of what I find myself doing so often, which is living on autopilot. I find myself worrying about what others will think of my life choices rather than acting based on what’s most important to me. Would love to read this book!

Jana Wilcox

Love that you say what’s in my heart. I have a picture in my bedroom that states “We have everything we need”. Such a beautiful reminder. I’ve always dreamed of working for a company where love is the bottom line. Today I realize I can do that by living my life that way. Xo


oooh, pick me, pick me! ;) yeah, apparently I love alternating between berating myself for doing too little and berating myself for wanting to do too much, since that is a see-saw I tend to hop on every chance I get… I’m working on it though. Progress not perfection, right?? LOL


The question of “enough” has plagued me for most of my life. (What is “enough” for the days’ accomplishments? Should I be doing more, giving more, being “more”?) I want to find a place of rest and satisfaction rather than thinking it is not enough but will have to do like the loser’s consolation prize. I have not heard of this book, but the concept of finding a satisfying, restful enough is alluring.


I love the sound of this book – I think it would be a great thing for me to read as a college student!


As a stay at home mom to four, I have found maintaining a proper balance between drive and contentment to be difficult over the years. Now that my children are all in their teens and more independant, I am beginning to feel an itch and think that ‘shift’ in my dance is almost upon me. I appreciate how you go about this dilemma by asking yourself where love is leading you. I am going to refocus my perspective and think about how love can be my driving force in this next season of life. Thanks for your post!

Lauren Nicole

I struggle! I am in a fast-paced work environment with lots of ambitious people. It’s hard to stay grounded in myself and not join the pack!


Can’t wait to read this book!!

Melissa B

What you and so many other commenters have said really resonates with me right now. In the fall, I returned to career that I left 6 years ago to spend with my young children. I feel pulled in so many directions that I am not enjoying any of it. My priorities have shifted, and I need to shift my lift to adjust. I would love to read Tsh’s book sooner than later. Thank you!

beth lehman

oh, i think so many of us struggle with enough… what that looks like in a world like ours. always thinking and being told that more is better. i’ve followed tsh for years and know her words will challenge me to think. thanks for a chance to win, lisa.

Sarah Palfreyman

So many good thoughts here. The book sounds wonderful!


Thank you for the two steps – that simplifies it enough that even I can do it (well….). Of course, step 1 (clarify your priorities) is pretty darn hard. But it does sound doable.

Thank you!


I have been waiting to read this book for months. Tsh is amazing and also so relatable. Thanks.


I’ve also recently started a business from home, and so there is a whole new way to worry about enough. My biggest issue is that I have WAAAAY more ideas than can ever be completed, and yet they are all so brilliant (pride is NOT an issue, however). Unless I make a conscious choice to sit down and rank them (prioritize) I somehow automatically put them on the “Important To Do” list. Letting go of ideas, and learning that it’s OK if something sits on a shelf until the time is right does not make me Lazy or Bad or Fickle, etc, etc. What is our obsession with labeling anyway. I think I could use some real world examples of what “Clarifying priorities” looks like for people. In practice. I get the theory. Clearly, I don’t fully get the practice!!


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the lovely post- YES I am truly learning to tune into this dance and respond to the cues that my body, my spirit are giving me when things get a bit dull.

Thanks to Tsh for the giveaway- I hope I win!

kirke mahy hestad

I often go through my email and just need to read the first sentence of your email to pull out a nugget that provides focus for clarity in the morning. I haven’t opened one of your emails in a long time. This morning I did when the title “enough” caught my eye, mind, and heart. You write well and articulate what feels spot on for me right now. I am very excited to chew this one over; in my mind, on paper, with my mate. It is a wonderful gift you bring to the world. With gratitude.

Alicia Kazsuk

The book sounds wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win a free copy!


I have spent my entire life setting goals and working hard to complete them, only to set new ones as soon as I’ve reached them. I never take the time to reflect on and celebrate those accomplished. This sounds like a much needed book. Thank you, Lisa, for the work you are doing. You are a blessing!


Always looking to find new authors and new ideas.
Thank you!


Looks like a great read!


I love Tsh’s other book. I would love to read this one. Thanks


Hi Lisa – great article! We do spend too much time beating ourselves up and not finding joy in our strengths and successes. We focus on what we want to do or need to do instead of how much we have accomplished or what are currently doing. While we don’t want sit on our laurels over past accomplishments, we do need to recognize them when we are feeling less than satisfied as it can bring us back to some peace.


I would love to win this book!

Annica Karlsson

I book I would love to read. Have always been a very ambitious person and I so easily forget to enjoy myself and to celebrate my achievements and relax into the moment. Thanks for writing a book on the subject on balancing your so called duties, work and pleasure. It’s for sure a Dance of Life !


Thanks for your inspirational words! Thanks for the giveaway too! I’d love to read this book.


Hi Lisa, Thanks for this blog post, it is so refreshing to hear someone voice this paradox so eloquently out loud. One of my most precious personal mantras is “you have enough” and at the same time I experience this intrinsic pull to growth, creativity, ambition. I suppose part of the resolution lies in embracing that both are true and I can grow from a place of gratitude and “enoughness.”


I do struggle with this. Since becoming a mother, I have watched my children with amazement in their contentment. They are unapologetically content and it reminds me that feeling enough is a beautiful thing. Sometimes our kids are the best teachers.

Clarissa Callesen

I really resonated with what you said. It is so easy to judge our process and think we are not doing enough..


Lisa, thank you for that well-timed post! This afternoon, the head of the home and school association at my daughters’ school emailed me, offering to treat me out for coffee so we could discuss my involvement in a big school event, assuring me many others had put my name forward as an ideal candidate. Instinctively, I felt a huge “NO!” arise from within. I knew the timing and level of commitment would be so unwise for me and my family, but I still waffled before responding. Then, I read this post, and it gave me that nudge I needed to thank her genuinely for the offer, but decline as I knew I should. I immediately felt more peaceful and knew my priorities were in line. Whew.

I would love the opportunity to receive a copy of Tsh’s book. Thank you!


Good stuff as always, Lisa! I needed the reminder to “find the love” today.


I question myself too often based on my fear of others’ judgements. With every decision I make, I can’t seem to settle on my heart’s desire without worrying about what others (family, in-laws, coworkers, friends, etc.) will think and/or say. I constantly worry that I won’t be “enough” in someone else’s opinion, and that has held me back from many endeavors. I have some big goals right now, and I need some inspiration to help me gain confidence in myself and to determine for myself what is enough for me and my life. Plus, I’ve been spending weeks preparing for the LPC exam and could really use a good, soulful read just for me! THANK YOU for the book offer and the post.


Your thought connecting contentment with laziness & guilt struck a cord with me. It is so true. I have come quite a distance in not caring about how others perceive my life.

I have been following you and Tsh for so long now, it feels like you are my mothering mentors :-) I would LOVE to read and promote her new book. x


I was just wondering today if anyone was giving away Tsh’s new book and then I got this blog post in my inbox!


You know, I’ve never thought of myself as struggling with contentment because I’m usually satisfied with the *stuff* I have and not pining for more. But your post reminded me that contentment isn’t just about stuff, but also about being satisfied with what I’m able to accomplish in this stage of life and not feeling like I should be keeping up with someone else. Thanks!

Heather M

Can’t wait to read this book!


I’d love to read!!!!

Danae Fuller

I’d love to read !


We are all here because of and by divine love.


Grateful for this post- planning on reading over tea a couple more times this week. :)


I would love to read this book!


Sounds like just the book I’ve been looking for!


Would love a change to read her new book. Thanks for the opportunity!


I’d love to read this book.


Yes, and I struggle with maintaining/feeling the strength to stand by my own priorities without feeling overly influenced by the culture, extended family and those other influences that seep into our consciousness and tell us what we “should” be prioritizing, doing, being. Definitely not a one-time dance! Putting Tsh’s book on my to-read list!

Mary Beth

Whenever I get very anxious, I usually try doing only the next thing, etc., and it makes me calmer and more productive.

Holly G

I struggle as well. It seems to be a see-saw of emotions from feeling as though I am fulfilling my purpose to feeling lazy or just out of place.

Jacqui S

Absolutely I struggle. Although right now I think my struggle now is from years and years of constant sleep deprivation and giving and lack of self care. I’m not finding that sweet spot in motherhood or my work, even though I passionately really love both! What to do? One step. I can do that. Thanks Lisa, this blog post was really helpful. Would love to read the book too!


Would love to win!

Kim K

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read Tsh’s newest book!

Kysa M.

Always looking for the next best thing, place, event, etc. Would love to read about the state of “enough”. Sounds like a great book!

Jennifer Lawrence

Really excited to read this book!


When i teach my yoga class, i often start by sharing that my only expectation is that they do the best they can, and let their best be good enough. Simple but not easy. I teach what i need to learn!


Oh boy, do I ever struggle with balancing these two sides. Mostly, I find myself looking forward to the future, but not enjoying today. Or making big plans but never actually acting on them.

Excited to read this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!


Boredom steals contentment from me and when Im going on hour 12 with my kids and my patience is thin, its hard to feel that my efforts are enough.


Lately I’ve been asking myself, “Why didn’t I know about this (or that), or apply it to my life, before? Why is it taking me so long to learn?” And then the word “unfolding” kept coming to me from different sources. Living is all a slow unfolding. It is enough to unfold this far today, and to be where I am thus far.


Your words ring so true. I’ve been better over the last few years to let go of expectation, to let go of control…just to let go. I have a curious nature and there is so much I am interested in. this information age is wonderful yet can be a trap at the same time. when I am ‘in the flow’ creativity is at its peak and all sorts of ideas pop. Then reality sets in and i let those ideas go. I admire those of you who are entrepreners. It takes a lot of discipline, dedication, perseverance and flexibility. I have a steady job that is comfortable,that I am experienced at, and provides a regular paycheck. At the end of the day it is easy for me to say ‘enough’ of this and i can focus on me, my family and my pastimes (to replenish).


I struggle with “enough is good enough”. It doesn’t feel comfortable. I try to turn inward and find clues for the struggle, but always seem to come up empty handed. I have tried to make changes in the areas that are the most challenging, but still I am not comfortable. I am beginning to wounder if this is just the work I am ment to do (for now anyway). I do like your comment around love. I believe in love, maybe I will use that to try and find my comfortable place. Thank you for all you do.


I’m going through a program for depression right now and a lot of this resonates with what we are learning. Especially about being mindful and living in the moment rather than focusing on the past or stressing about the future.


That resonated with my soul and mind talk right now. I am struggling to understand where I need to be in relation to myself and my obligations, where’s that harmony which I seem to loose. And yes, love is what makes me feel ransomed again and again=)


I read Tsh’s blog and would love to read her book!


Living in a way that what you have, who you are, and what you are doing is enough is counter-cultural. Most of the world around us does not function that way. We will be misunderstood, and the process is not always easy; yet, the confidence of knowing you are doing what YOU are called to do, the peace from being you, and the joy in being able to serve because your life is simple enough to be flexible is worth the changes and challenges!


I’d love to read the Notes from a Blue Bike. Sounds truly inspiring!


In line with your Whole Heart Mapping webinar, I’ve been trying to list a set of simple objectives for each day — 3 to 6 priorities. A few days ago, even though I had finishassigned tasks for the day, I was feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Checking off the tasks on my list allowed me to say “enough” for that day — there is time to tackle other projects tomorrow. It helped me slow down, find a place of gratitude and contentment in the chaos. I’m looking forward to reading Tsh’s new book and fresh insights, just as I look forward to continued growth through your encouragement!


Oh, how I stumble in this ‘dance’ more often than I would like.


Sounds like the book will really hit home. Can’t wait to read it

Leigh Ann

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately figuring out what is enough materially. We’ve move away from a town where everyone never had enough and were always unhappy even though they all made huge salaries. It was a constant state of keeping up. We are now in a place where there is much more diversity and people are working hard and mostly happy. We bought a house that was enough rather than one that our mortgage broker said we could afford so we will really have enough down the road for college, retirement, and pursuing our personal priorities. I can’t tell you how much peace and contentment I have experienced since we began doing this mindful and deliberate work. Enough. Who knew?


I read the reviews and a sample of her book. Sounds very interesting and inspiring!

Evelyn Wood

I regularly find myself taking time for a breath and reaffirm “I am enough, it is enough” its so easy to get caught up in the rat race, the competition game, the fear that you are not enough parent, etc. Living our lives thoroughly means knowing when enough is enough too. “there’s more to life than making it go faster”.


I would love to read this book!

Jen M.

A constant struggle. How I would love to read this book. Thank you for having this giveaway.


I think ALL of my struggles are internal! Sounds like a great book! thanks for sharing…

Kathleen Dunagan

It sounds like such an empowering book. Would love to win!


Hi Lisa. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. I struggle with the question “what is enough,” too. Thanks for the giveaway. The book will be helpful. Would love to read it.

Ruth Rothman

Timely blog post – i have been thinking lately about how i seem to be getting two different messages from some books i have been reading/have read in the past – one is about being happy with what we have/living in the present moment; the other is about constantly striving for more, seeking to find your passion/talent and not settling for less. I have always taken more of a ‘keep striving for more’ kind of approach – and was recently asked ‘but when will you be happy?’ which surprised me because I don’t think of myself as unhappy, but rather as dissatisfied with mediocrity and wanting to get the most out life that i can. While it would be nice to be able to balance both, doesn’t dissatisfaction with how much I am doing/contributing/achieving drive me to excel?


Maybe it’s not about balancing both, but taking time to both celebrate accomplishments and continue to strive to maximize your talents in new ways. The horizon has a sunrise and a sunset, but there is not really balance. The amount of time each takes depends on the season. Perhaps your mind can flow from a present moment to a passionate goal, to the next present moment, to the next passionate goal. Maybe sometimes the present moment encapsulates you a little more, but maybe sometimes the stretch for a new height does. Maybe you’re happy with a continuous flow because it is your desire and it doesn’t overwhelm you, especially if it’s one thing after another, not many things piled at once. I don’t know you, but maybe.


Keep on dancing Lisa! Really enjoying your work.


Thanks – would like to read this one:)

Aussie Mum

Lovely blog post – I’m still striving to get the balance right!


I definitely struggle with this dance, sometimes more than others. I think I was born anxious about things, and it’s a daily walk towards wholeness. I think my biggest problem can be “living in other people’s heads” – I can feel fine one minute, and then if someone seems disappointed in me for any reason I immediately take that on. Working on it!


Book looks great! I can’t wait to read it!


This fits right in with the Replenish course/work.


This book sounds so good, and how true that so much our battle is often truly an inner one!


Yes please! (I keep trying to win copies of this book- I should just buy the thing.) :D


I absolutely do struggle with contentment and “enoughness.” Constantly. I’d love to hear what Tsh has to say about it!


This book sounds like it could really help me! Good luck to all the ladies.

Cynthia H

My struggle with “having enough” is not between contentment and striving for more – it’s between “enough” and “there’s so much crap, just sell it all and get it out of my sight!” HA! Defining priorities really resonated with me and that sounds like a heart to heart I need to have with myself very soon!


As a mother of 4 grown daughters I never feel like I can be contented as there is always some struggle going on in one or all four of their lives. I wish I could figure it out. Would love to read the book. Reading is something that brings me contentment in this crazy world. Thanks for all you do.


LOVE! Beautifully simple but sometimes we complicate it. Thank you.


Oh, yes, the constant struggle for what is “enough.” I struggled with anxiety many years ago and a dear mentor helped me see that it was indeed a struggle with trying to “measure up” and “be enough, do enough.” It has been something I’ve worked on ever since, and have grown in…but it is a moving target throughout the various ups and downs (and seasons) of life. Even now, my business is exactly where I wanted it to be…yet I find myself always striving and working and trying to move forward. My business is helping women move forward and, yes, I need to lead by example…but as I would tell THEM, you don’t always have to try to “go to the next level” and you should enjoy where you are and your current success. The challenge is practicing that myself :) Something for me to think about…thank you!

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