Giveaway of Mama Love: Purple Leaves, Red Cherries Artwork


Dear Gorgeous Mamas….

A couple months ago, I finally connected with Tania Elfersy, the author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries.  We had a beautiful talk via skype, I in New Jersey and she in Israel.  I instantly felt the depth of heart she poured into her book.

A few days later when I held the book itself in my hands I was beyond impressed.

After the kids were in bed with a warm cup of tea, I savored my way through Purple Leaves, Red Cherries (which is the only way to read this work of art).


Truly, it hasn’t been since the Griffin and Sabine chronicles that I’ve enjoyed a book that was both such a work of art to behold and to read.  Tania’s mission was to archive the stories of modern mothers – in all the complexity and brilliance, difficulty and transcendence this journey of motherhood offers us.  She coupled the stories of over 30 mothers with the gorgeous and soulful artwork of Nomi Melul Ohad.

I now have my go-to gift for every new mother I know.

Well, if there is anyone that deserves to be lavishly doused with love…it is YOU, dear mama!

Giveaway Time: Gorgeous Poster of Your Choice!

TWO winners will receive a poster of their choice from the artwork included in this book.  You can check out the poster options here.  I’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments below and from the comments on this Facebook post Sunday at Noon EST (2/17/13) and contact you to get your choice of poster.


This Giveaway is Now Over!

Thanks to all who entered, I’ll be contacting the winners shortly.

Please take a moment to learn more about this beautiful book/work of art, here.

Let’s Make it a Circle of Love

It’s just the nature of goodness to want to keep on flowing :) Tania’s publisher is making this a true “circle of love” by donating $5 from every book purchase to Every Mother Counts, an organization that works to improve maternal health and reduce maternal mortality…so every purchase really is a win, win, win, win :)

Sending much love from deep in my heart and praying you feel the joy of knowing how deeply cherished you are this day and always,



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Hi Lisa!
Thank you for reminding me about this beautiful book. I remember coming across it in a Facebook post awhile back, and then the moment was lost in cyber-space (accompanied by my now-dwindling pregnancy brain cells.) I’m going to buy it as a gift to myself and can’t wait to self-nurture with this in the weeks ahead… Thank you for always putting out such beautiful heartfelt things into the world~
ps. I’m totally getting lost in the question about what is my love language. Going to journal on that one now and will respond once it arises. More soul food for thought today – thank you: )))


What is my love language? great question..
I know that I am most loved when my dear family supports me in my choice of profession even though it does not support them financially as much as my previous profession. I feel really loved when I see that they’re genuinely happy to see me do what I feel I am called to do.
I am a lucky girl! :)


Oh and I like your page on FB :)


My love language is quality time spent with my loved ones (and myself!)


I am already a part of the WellGrounded FB community!

Mandi Hardy Hillman

My love language is quality time! Also liked on FB!


I feel loved when I give/receive undivided attention to my kids, hubby, house. And also when I’m helping someone out or they’re helping me out just because they noticed that help was needed.


And I already like your FB page!


I think my love language is nourishing others with food and boosting their confidence by telling them the gifts & possibilities I see in them. I love this book, it’s lovely!
(PS – I Like this page on FB!)


I think my love language is noticing…… the said & unsaid. Wow I did nor know that till now – thanks for asking. Oh & I’ve liked you forever!

Kristina Morris

My love language is….Gifts! I love when my husband brings me home a bar of dark chocolate! I often find them under my pillow when I’m about to go to sleep.


I feel loved spending time with my dear ones. Living far away from my siblings and parents, this means lots of phone and video calls, and as many visits as we can possibly make work.


My love language is acts of service. I feel most loved by those around me when they are thankful for what is done for them and when they lend a hand. Oh and I’m now part of your FB community. thanks!

Heather Sparrow

Love language the hugs my Grand daughter shares with her Grandpe and me each day. To be hugged by such a dear soul is like angels wings around us.

I feel most loved as their eyes rest on mine and look deep to send me love. Special indeed.

Love to You Dear Heart

Have liked your community just now


My love language is quality time and gifts! Thanks for sharing about this book… Always looking for more reading material


My love language is gifts. Thanks so much for posting this. How lovely.


Also liked on Facebook!!


My love language is acts of service. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to do something kind.

Love these posters. So beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them with us, Lisa.


My top love languages are quality time and touch- love lots of time spent with my family along with cuddles and snuggles! :)

Amy gayle

I’m a Words of affirmation kind of girl. I’m running over to join the fb community now, i am new to your work and am enjoying it. Thanks!


Hello! Such beautiful art! My love language toward others is acts of service and the love language I receive best is words of encouragement. I am a fan of Well-Grounded on Facebook. Thanks!


Physical touch. Closely followed by words of affirmation.
Am already a liked on Facebook
These artworks are beautiful!

Amy Shepard

Thanks for sharing the book. I’m not familiar with it but now I’ll be sure to get it! (If I don’t win it here, of course!)

Love language: Time spent together. followed by physical touch.

This past Sunday our church did a great teaching on the love languages. Enjoy!

Already on Facebook. <3

Ivy Barnes

My love language is quality time and I like to show love by giving gifts.


1)I’m in your FB page as “Stephanie Sherie”

2)My love language is service – I love it when little things are done & my husband is GREAT at it!! My husband and son love me just perfectly – it is perfectly matched to help me grow.

jessica b

Truly beautiful artwork!

jessica b

I am a part of your fb community :)


My love language is acts of service. I love doing things for others, be it cooking, times, or just words.

Beautiful book.

Rebecca R

My love language is quality time mingled with gift giving.

Rebecca R

I am a part of your Facebook family :)

Shaylyn RG

What beautiful artwork. I hadn’t heard of the book but will have to pick up a copy now. I loved the Griffin and Sabine books as well, especially when I was young and falling in love! But now that I’m on my way to motherhood (first baby due in July) I’ll have to pick up this book. Thanks for posting about it!

Karen KK

My love language… find written letters delivered by my trustee Postman to be a beautiful gift. The words I can express flow much richer with my pen than my mouth.
Been a FB friend for a bit :)

Julie LeVeen

My love language is presence and presents (aka quality time and gifts)! My son usually wakes me in the morning by telling me I have a “box” to open. Then I have to “open” the invisible box around his body to find my gift–usually the sweetest puppy ever. Lisa thanks for all the gifts you share with each of us. Happy Valentine’s Day!
PS I already liked you on fb. xo


I’ve wanted to read this book for a while! Love the artwork! My love language is in the details. I express my love for people with my attention, little details, and my time and energy. I have been feeling lots of love lately by the support and help my husband has been giving me, allowing me to do work I truly love. I could definitely not do it without him! And my kids love language is definitely lots of cuddles!

Le'Ana Banks

I wish I know about this book with my first born. It is now my go to book for all my friends about to have children. I have the perfect person in mind.Thank you for sharing. My love language.. well its changing. Acts of service and being present with the ones I love… I think. I really need to look further into what it is that works for me. Wow !


Love languages: touch – words of affirmation. A brief hand on the shoulder, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ are powerful ways that love is expressed.

Mary Beth

My love languages are gifts and acts of service.

Mary Beth

Liked you on Facebook!


My love languages are affirmations and acts of service. Thank you for the giveaway!


My love language is spending quality time with my hubby and kids.
When life gets too busy, I feel ripped off. :)


My love languages are gifts and acts of service. Love a little surprise out of the blue for no special reason!


My love language is quality time.


Liked Well-Grounded LIfe on FB


looks lovely!


Not familiar with the book but love your blogs so i know this must be just as great keep up the great work and inspiration many thanks


my language of love is acts of service! i was so moved in starbucks when i opened this email and saw her art work. love it! I like you on face book too!


Such beautiful artwork shown in your blog… can’t wait to see the book in real life. I miss the days of being able to “savor” anything, especially a good book.
Happy Heart Day

Melody Bartley

I have been a Facebook fan for a long time. I enjoy your post everyday. I am not real sure about my language of love. The time of my life now I try to be there to listen. I listen to how to fix a motorcycle and how to sell real estate and many other things. I don’t want to know but I do want to share everything with him. He has showed me ten times over that he loves me. When I started getting sick he stepped up and.has taken care of me. I know he loves me when we hug and I feel his arms around me and his cheek pressed to mine. It make everything right.


what a wonderful expression of art! I think the ways I feel loved are in thoughtfulness and acknowledgement—whether that is a day planned to spend time with me, a letter in the mail, or my hubby saying, “yes, I hear you.”


Hello all. My love language is words of affirmation and physical touch. Quality time would tie for a pretty close second place.

I am a part of your FB community!



My love languages are words of affirmation and quality time. This looks like a beautiful book and reminded me that I have the whole Griffin and Sabine series and haven’t looked at it in awhile.


Liked on facebook!

Marcee Ludlow

My love language doesn’t actually fit into the neat little categories in the book, but the jist of is it that I want to be honored by something thoughtful and unexpected. It can be as simple as my husband thinking of me when he doesn’t have to- at the gas station and grabbing my favorite treat, or my children coming in to my room just to tell me they love me, or a an unexpected note in the mail on an ordinary day. So whatever that is.

Marcee Ludlow

And on FB now, too I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to do this before…

Michele D

Lisa, you are such a blessing yourself. I would love to read the book. I will have to check it out.

Michele D

Of course I follow you on Facebook. Silly girl. ;)


Have been a Facebook follower for a long time. I’d have it no other way,


Gorgeous book! A receiver of gifts and quality time are my languages.


My love language is acts of service :)
My husband cleaned my house for me for valentines day and new that would be the best gift ever!


Thank you so much for all that you do! I am reading the book and am also a Facebook follower!


My love language is quality time. Nothing lets me know you love me like spending time connecting together talking, laughing, sharing.

What a lovely book!


oh and I am also a FB follower:)


Am already part of the FB community :-)

My love language is acts of service and words of affirmation. I feel loved when others make an effort to do something tangible to help me, or give me verbal encouragement and support.

Thanks for all the love you pour into this community Lisa, you are adding hope and inspiration to so many lives! We love you!

Southern Gal

My love language is acts of service. When others lend a hand to help me out it makes me feel so loved.
Thanks for the chance. Beautiful artwork.


My love language is physical touch. Is there anything sweeter than a soft little hand stroking your hair or back? Hugging my family makes all right with the world.


I am already a fan of yours on Facebook. Thanks for this opportunity!

Jennifer Holtslander

I receive and express love best in words and in listening/being listened to. I think a close second physical touch — something I am just learning to tap into.

Jennifer Holtslander

I didn’t catch that you had a FaceBook page before today! How did I miss that? Glad to be connected that way too.

Cindy Halcombe

Hey Lisa,
My love language is gifts and it doesn’t have to be a big gift. It could be strawberries from the grocery store but things like that help me to know that my husband is thinking about me.

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