Seeking prosperity? Keep to the light…

reflectThis time of the year, we hear many prayers and wishes for prosperity.  Which had me reflecting deeply on what true prosperity really is.

True prosperity is abundant goodness in all ways.

Abundant goodness in all the parts of your self and your life.  Abundant goodness in your body, mind and mood.  Abundant goodness in your personal growth.  Abundant goodness in your home.  Abundant goodness in your relationships.  Abundant goodness in your connection to God.

True prosperity is like a light within.

While you receive the benefit of the light yourself, others also receive the light. It emanates, it radiates, it extends beyond you.

That is what God-given prosperity does- it overflows, it expands, it blesses exponentially. The mark of God’s abundance in your life is that your blessings flow out to bless others.  Blessed to be a blessing.

God is like a radio broadcasting station.

He is always emitting waves of love, understanding, abundance, goodness, truth, beauty and meaning.

Our job is to be sure our channel is set on the right dial, that we are able to receive at His frequency.

The mess and chaos of fear that swirls around our world is a completely different frequency.  It isn’t that God disappears when we have dialed into fear and anxiety, it is that we are on the wrong wavelength ourselves to see Him.

Think for a moment of  the things you allow in all day long.  The TV, the news, the media, the chatter on social media…what frequency are these things at? What are you letting have access to you?

You don’t have to ask God to start blessing you or to change things so His goodness can come into your life.  He is already and always emitting that to you.

He has constructed His whole abundant universe to serve you for His glory and purposes. He has already designed nature to provide all that you need to live well and happy. He stands at the door and knocks.

The solution starts with a shift.

The first step in finding God’s abundance in your life is elevating yourself to the frequency of God, which is always the frequency of love.

So about now, you may be thinking things like…“Sounds good but exactly HOW do you get into the frequency of love in a stress-crazed world?”

Or maybe you are thinking, “That’s great, Lisa…but didn’t you forget to mention the one area of “prosperity” we are all thinking about….MONEY?!”

Nope, I didn’t forget, I just have waaaaay more to talk about on that subject.

In fact, this is just the first in a series of posts I’ve prepared on seeking true prosperity in our lives.

Next week I am going to dive into the fastest way to dial in to all that goodness that is available to you all the time, all around. 

But today, I’d love to hear from you. Think about all the things that have access to you- all the ways you let in different frequencies of the world.
Are they set on the frequency of true prosperity or are they creating static in your life and drawing you further away from what you truly desire?

Leave a comment below…and if you found this valuable, please share it!

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