When it is all too much to bear…


My heart is still raw in sadness and pain for the tragedy that the families in Newtown are bearing.

I need to carve out a place of quiet in my heart so I can let in His light. 


But I do know words are powerful and they can heal.

So instead of allowing the fear-based sensationalized words of the media fill my mind, I have taken a few moments to hear different words and remember life.

I want to share with you this song written by Jason Robert Brown.

It is just over 3 minutes and he beautifully sings the names of each of those whose lives were taken.

Right now, that is all I can do.  As I listen to their names I offer up my love and prayers and release my confusion and pain about it all.

I imagine a warm loving light surrounding each one and their families.

I just let my heart open and enter a quiet space in honor of their lives.

I wanted to share this in case it feels right for you.

But most of all, I simply wanted to reach out and in some way connect, because I know that while pain wants us to close up and numb out….love spurs us toward one another.  And I’m doing my best to soften into the truth of love.


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Thank you, Lisa. This is what I needed today – a time to grieve and honor their lives.

Marci | Liberating Choices

Beautifully said. It really breaks my heart to think about the grieving families and students. I think there is a limit at which we can all take in the media before we crumble too. However painful it draws us to them, wanting to help carry the burden.

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