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If you are popping over from my post at Simple Mom (on the biggest mistake we make with our health) or from Zen Family Habits (on the 4 covert ways stress sneaks into our lives)…I’d like to extend a warm welcome!

I’m glad you took a moment to stop by and look around.

I work with smart, thoughtful, tremendously talented women who are doing an amazing job at juggling a whole lot of balls at once…caring for their families, homes, communities and friends with their whole hearts.

And who also find themselves squeezed off their own priority list and in need of some self loving care.

That’s where my work comes in.

As a women’s wellness expert, holistic health coach and mom to three little ones, I know how easy it is to become depleted and exhausted when your focus is others-driven and your own health and well being suffer for too long.

My work has evolved from one-on-one coaching to group courses and workshops where women come together to learn together, grow together, get healthier together and create dynamic communities of support that spur each other on to higher levels of health and wellness.

If this sounds like somewhere you’d fit in…then I invite you to stay a while and get to know us!

Here are a few links to get you started if you’re new here:

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Again, it is an honor you’ve stopped by.  Please introduce yourself and come back often. I’d love to get to know you!



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Hello. I’m new and landed here via Simple Mom.
I am a SAHM with a three-year-old daughter and a set of six-month-old twin boys. Life used to be simpler. Over the past year, life became complicated. And hard. But I declare, if not a fresh start, then at least a new season. I’m beginning to suspect that should begin with learning how to take better care of myself. So. That’s why I’m here. All ears.


Hi! I am here by God’s will! I was trying to decide to enroll at IIN and prayed for an obvious sign. That night I got on Kitchen Stewardship, read the interview with YOU, came to your site, and POW! There it was plain as day – IIN! You are now who I long to be…I would love to have a conversation with you in the future :)
Looking forward to learning,

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