Want to add more sweetness to your day?


I’m over at Simple Mom today sharing about ways to bring more sweetness to your day:

“Many of us struggle with using the food we eat as a substitute for filling a hunger we have in another part of our lives.

We need nourishment in many forms.  We all have real needs for love, friendship, laughter, movement, creativity, purpose, spirituality, meaningful work, relaxation, and beauty in our lives.

We must feed our whole beings or we will end up full of food but never really satisfied.

I know people who eat an extremely “healthy” diet, but are unhappy, anxious and depressed.  Clearly, eating well is not the only part of being well.

You can eat a whole lot of kale and never get close to the healing effect a loving embrace, deep belly laugh, or sweat-soaked hike in the woods can offer…”

…read the full post here!

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Link isn’t working. Would love to see!


Thanks for the head’s up…it’s working now!

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