The Weekly Beet : Healthy Bones Edition

I’m starting the Weekly “Beet” post as a way to pass along:

  • links worth checking out
  • upcoming opportunities
  • announcements
  • any other “housekeeping” things that are worth sharing

If you are doing something special please drop me a note. If it would benefit my readers, I’d be happy to pass it along!

Upcoming Teleclass

My friend and fellow health coach, Andrea Moss of Spark Wellness is leading a teleclass on “The Secret to Strong Bones Revealed”

Here is a quick description: Think you need to supplement with calcium to prevent osteoporosis and keep your bones strong? Think again! Find out the shocking truth about which foods & lifestyle behaviors can decrease bone mass, and how calcium supplements may actually increase your chances of getting osteoporosis!

Andrea will debunk the calcium myth and let you know the healthiest way to build strong bones and prevent fracture – and how to keep your flexibility and mobility as you age. Learn which foods, supplements, and lifestyle modifications will help you keep bone mass and keep your bones in the best shape.

Date: Wednesday, June 23 at 8p EST :: Fee: $15

Includes handouts and a recording of the live call (so don’t worry if you can’t make the call live!)

REGISTER HERE, or email for more information.

Notable Links

The Confident Mom’s Calendar for Surviving Summer with Kids has 3 months full of daily activities, so you can be on top of the long days of summer with fresh ideas to keep kids engaged and having fun.

12 Things You Should Know About Quinoa by Stone Soup shares interesting information about this perfect summer grain and a fantastic recipe.

Medicine Cabinet or Kitchen Cabinet? by Breathe Magazine details common kitchen items that work wonders on common medical issues.

Importance of Women Mentors at Simple Mom talks about the roles of women in our lives and the importance of seeking out others as a source of support and guidance.


I’ve just recently been bit by the twitter bug!

I’m spending a little more time over on twitter these days (by a little more, I mean moving from hardly ever to once or twice a day) but still it is a blast to connect with people so easily.

If you tweet, please send me a hello @wellgrounded so we can be in touch!

Ripple Effect

I so often find inspiration in the writings of others, that I’m honored and delighted when I read other people’s reflections on articles I’ve written.

Here is a beautiful post by The Flourishing Mother that expands on something I wrote earlier.

If you ever keep the thoughts from here going (and growing!) on your own blog, please drop me a line or a comment. I’d love to read them and pass them on!

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