Interview and Giveaway with Sherri from Serene Journey


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sherri Kruger, founder of Serene Journey, editor of Zen Family Habits, and author of the ebook, Love the Life You Live.

Sherri’s book is fantastic.  Her authentic, positive voice comes through every chapter. She helps you to take charge of the life you are living in order to create a life you truly love.

For me, I need encouragement paired with concrete action steps…and that is exactly what Love the Life You Live delivers.  It will be a book I’ll come back to time and time again.

Sherri has graciously offered one of my readers a copy of her book, Love the Life You Live. I’ll give the details for the giveaway after her interview.

The Interview

Your blog, Serene Journey, is about simple tips to enjoy life.  How did inspiring others to live a more fulfilling life become a passion of yours?

Well it’s no secret that I love simplicity. I’ve seen over the past few years the side effects of living a simpler life; less stress, less anxiety, less clutter (physical and mental) and there is no drama. When I saw first hand the benefits of simplifying, slowing down and just enjoying life as it is it pained me to see others struggling with what I had been struggling with. So to answer your question (finally :) ) helping others is just the natural extension of my own journey.

You are a busy mom of two toddlers who also run two successful blogs.  What does self-care look like for you at this time in your life?

What-care? lol ;) I admit this is one aspect that over all is lacking but it does ebb and flow.  I have my blogs which are my creative outlets. I will be starting yoga and pilates again soon as these are my favorite activities to relax the body and mind.
I’ve also recently changed my eating habits to include a lot more whole/natural foods with a greater variety. A lot of this stems from reading through your excellent book Real Food Cleanse. Quinoa and kale, amongst other things, now make regular appearances in our home. I’m not as chicken to try new foods now thanks to you! :)  -Thanks for those kind words, Sherri– I’m thrilled you like the book!-
Becoming a mother is a profound change in a woman’s life.  What was the most challenging part of becoming a mother for you?
The most challenging part of becoming a mother has been finding a balance between being me and being mom. There really is no transition into this new role.  One day you’re you and the next day you’re mom.
There is no more doing things on your schedule. It’s this new little person who dictates when you get up in the morning, when you can lay down again, when you eat and when you can vacuum. It’s tough and initially there really is no escaping it or working around it but as the kids get older and more independent you can start to recapture a bit of your sense of self.

In what way have you worked through that challenge?

How I worked through some of this was I started waking up before the kids. I get to spend some time getting myself ready for the day and simply enjoy the quiet. I can write, read and enjoy a cup of coffee before I really have to switch into mom mode.
I have a really great family who are always willing to watch our boys when my husband and I want to go out. It helps too that I have a pretty awesome husband. Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or like I need a break he’s right there encouraging me to take as much time as I need to re-group.

What words of wisdom would you share with a brand new mom?

Don’t wish their little lives away. This comes from a conversation I had with my mom. When our little ones roll over we wish for them to sit up. When they sit up we wish they would crawl. When they crawl we wish they would stand. And so on and so on. You get the picture.
Each stage will come in its own time. I think it’s so important to take the time to enjoy where they are at right now. Revel in the fact that your baby is rolling over. Watch him do it again and again and again as he masters this new skill. Remember that today’s milestones are exactly what you were wishing for only yesterday.
Thank you Sherri for your insight and honesty!
If you need a dose of positive encouragement today head on over to Serene Journey or check out her latest eBook: Love the Life You Live. Sherri is an expert at spurring you on to a happier life…starting now!

To win a free copy of Love the Life You Live leave a comment on what self care looks like for you right now  (or you can just say hi!). The winner will be chosen on Sunday, April 18 at Noon EST

{Giveaway is closed!  The winner is comment #4:  Val!  Congrats!}

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self care for me looks a little like Sherri’s – getting up before the kids and having my special time with God before everything gets crazy. The book sounds great, would love to win it!


Self-care looks like…time to journal in the mornings, time to take our dog out for a run in the afternoon. This book looks great! Thanks!


now that it is spring, i have started getting up early to run in the mornings. although i only run for about 20 minutes, i find it changes my whole day, i have more energy, more willpower to eat right and feel more awake.

i love zen family habits and look forward to reading the ebook!


Self care for me includes reading a magazine at night when everyone else is sleeping and the house is finally quiet!


Self care for me is going directly to the park after dropping the kids off on preschool days. If I go there first thing for my meditation time, the to-do list can’t get in the way.


Self care? Hmmm. A shower and strapping the pedometer on. That’s it. Next up…doubling my daily number of steps. Then working on healthier eating. But right now, it’s the shower and pedometer.


Making time for Bible reading & prayer…Taking the time to journal and blog is also a good thing for me. Connecting with friends and family on email/Facebook. I also enjoy a good book after the kids are in bed…and when I feel up to it, getting up early to enjoy a beautiful desert sunrise over a good cup of coffee! :)


self-care for me right now is finding time to workout! i love it and it recharges me so i can be a better wife and mother.

Jessica Brammer

Self care right now for me is making sure I get some time alone each day to relax and be without being needed.


A beach chair (on the beach or my deck) and my Bible


Sitting on my deck, reading my Bible and taking walks.

Pot Luck Mama

Hey Sherri,

My mother in law always says, “you spend the first couple of years of a kid’s life teaching them to walk and talk…and the rest of their childhood telling them to sit down and shut up!” She also offers lovely pearls like “when they’re cute like this you just want to eat them up…and when they’re not, you wish you had!”

Your conversation about your mom made me think of that:)

I like that you see helping other people enjoy their lives as “the natural extension of [your] own journey”…good karma! :)

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