Five Lives {The Artist's Way: Week 2}


One of the tasks to do this week was to list out five things you would be (career wise) if you had five more lives to live other than the one you are living right now.  The key is not to overthink it too much.  Give it some thought, but generate the list fairly quickly.

Here are mine:

1.  Musician : Specifically singer, songwriter and guitar player

2.  Travel photographer

3.  Outdoor Education Instructor

4.  A Homeschooling, Organic Farmer’s Wife

5.  Naturopathic Physician

What I like is that the author doesn’t suggest what this may mean or how to interpret it, but the act of doing it made me really think about the elements of my own interests and dreams…and how I could possibly begin to weave them into my life.  I figure I’ll start by asking my husband to take some organic farming courses :)

What would yours be?

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Yes! Yes! I think we have a lot in common. I love teaching. I homeschool, I mentor and sometimes even lecture. I’m lucky that I am already doing some of the things I would pick again. I think I would be a chef. My restaurant would use only local, organic, fresh ingredients. Only grain fed, locally raised meats, only wild caught fish etc. I would only use herbs grown in the restaurant’s garden.

I think I’d like to set up an organization where you could adopt a family. Not a charity, an exchange actually of ideas and services. A place where you can help a family meet their immediate needs without going through a government agency…this one is still in the works:)


Sounds like a cool idea, Alida- to have an “adopt a family” exchange- very empowering to allow the “recipient” family to also contribute and give back in the process of exchange! It’s funny you hit on something this exercise did for me as well– it sparked all sorts of volunteer/charity/giving back type ideas I would love to pursue!


i know that as mamas we have all five of the jobs you listed to some degree and at one time or another…

interesting activity and has given me a lot to think about…

Sarah W.

I loved doing this. It freed me to imagine my deepest desires without the immediate shut down of “well, that’s not practical” and “that would impede on family time” and “I don’t have the money for that.” Just time to get in touch with dreams and then a lingering sense of how that might actually fit into this life I’m really living.


Jenn- Great perspective on the list– its funny because I kept thinking to myself “what would you do if you didn’t necessarily have kids” and it never occurred to me that all of the things I generated, are in some ways part of the mothering process.

Sarah– Yes, exactly the voices that were coming up in my head, I couldn’t believe how ingrained those thoughts were when I even tried to “dream” big– we certainly put a lot of glass ceilings on ourselves, huh?!

Pot Luck Mama

1) Guest House Proprietor
2) Master Gardner
3) Writer
4) Documentary Star: Traveling the world, family in tow…could focus on kid-friendly places/tactics/activities
5) Teacher

Cool exercise, Lisa…thanks for posting!

Old School/New School Mom

Here are mine:

1. Author (children’s books)

2. Professor

3. Actress

4. Home Schooler

5. Gardener (I have a black thumb!)

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