Here’s the the plan: 1. You buy a gorgeous, hand-thrown Replenish mug for yourself! 2. Proceeds from your purchase go toward buying a mug for another mom! 3. I package your mug and send one to you…and then I package the other mug (paid through your purchase) in a small gift package and deliver it […]

It’s February and from my little spot in the world (on the Northern hemisphere) we’ve already had a few solid months of WINTER under our belts. Personally, winter isn’t my favorite season. I already find myself itchin’ for spring when I can enjoy longer days, warmer weather and green landscapes returning. But one thing I […]

I’ve received so many thoughtful and smart questions from women who are considering enrolling in Replenish 365- I wanted to pass them on to you. One thing I know from years of teaching- if one person asks the questions, there are always many more who were wondering the same thing! So without further adieu, click […]

If you’ve ever struggled with making a decision or tapping into clarity on which direction to go or wrestled with when to say Yes and when to say No…this video is for you. In the past couple weeks my team and I have been getting emails from moms who have questions about Replenish 365. Many […]

I work with moms all over the world who come to me feeling tired, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut. One thing I know for absolutely sure is this: We aren’t exhausted and spent because we are selfish people. Most of us end up walking around feeling haggard — because we’re so devoted to our […]

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