A couple weeks ago, I was getting pedicures and enjoying a night out with a few girlfriends. I hopped onto the pedicure chair next to my good friend, Shawn, and the first thing she said was, “I’ve got to tell you something.” Backstory: Shawn is a very gifted writer but her dreams of writing took […]

In the process of working with so many mothers from all around the world, I’ve come to see that our generation is carving out a new way of mothering. As modern women, we are navigating the path of motherhood while seeking to honor our ambitions and passions… and in the process creating a whole new […]

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I want to share a bit about the nature of living a creative life as I understand it.I’m talking not about the “artistic” creative process, necessarily…but more the larger creative process we go through as we tackle the bigger questions around “What’s Next” or how to become more ourselves along this amazing journey of life.There […]

We are just about to enter Mother’s Day weekend. I have another giveaway for you today (details below)…but before I share more about that- I’d love to ask you a question. First, think of another mother you know personally, whom you love. Maybe it’s a close friend…or someone in your own family. Think about what […]

My dear friend and brilliant colleague, Renee Trudeau, is giving away a Year of Self Care! Woo hoo! Here’s the lowdown. A beautiful mama in the WellGrounded Life community will win the Self Renewal Package which includes a copy of the beautifully illustrated, award winning books The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate […]

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